Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Week of May 30th

Happy Memorial Day!!

MIRACLE we were called to go and say a prayer with this recent convert
named Chris because his dog ran away. We weren't sure what to do
because we already had lots to do but felt like we needed to go. So we
went and said a prayer and tried to look around to find this tiny
black pug. We are in our skirts and surrounded by woods and everything
in me just wanted to look for him, I seriously felt so helpless. I
left feeling bummed..although full of faith that Heavenly Father truly
hears our every prayer, I just didn't feel like we did anything to
help. We got a call later that night and Chris found his dog like
literally right after we left. We often don't know or get to see what
blessings or miracles happen. Sure you could say it just was a
coincidence, but I know it wasn't, and most importantly Chris knows
that it wasn't. His faith in prayer increased as well as mine. It was
such a sweet reminder of the love our Heavenly Father has for us. I
know it was exactly what I needed, and it was such a small and simple
thing ya know.

This week I've learned a lot about what it means to be submissive to
the Lords will, rather than doing what we want to do. We may often
roll our eyes at the things we don't understand, perhaps the things we
too also don't want to hear. Believe me, there are times when the Lord
will give me an answer I don't want to receive. I may for a time even
fight the revelation which has so preciously been given to me, but in
the end, not matter how long I fight it and believe that MY OWN
UNDERSTANDING is better, Heavenly Father always shows me otherwise. He
is there for us. His guidance and council is real, and needed. And I
can promise you that truth will always be truth. And good will always
be good. I pray we don't allow the world get in the way of the message
our Father in Heaven is extending to us. I know the gospel of Jesus
Christ, His doctrine, is real. I know He is the perfect formula for
all things in this life, and that Him and His restored church and all
it encompasses can and will cure anything we may face in this life. It
may not come all at once or the way we want it, in fact I can
guarantee that it won't, but I can promise it will always be better.
I understand the claim that there is a prophet on the earth today is a
hard thing for the world to swallow, trust me I've been there. But I
now know, with out a doubt that Thomas s Monson is Christ's true and
living prophet, I love Him, and I thank God for loving us enough, in
fact perfectly, to give unto us this divine gift of having a prophet
on the earth again today. It's beautiful, real, and no matter where
you are in this life, I pray the world doesn't stand in your way of
allowing you to know the greatest truths and blessings Heavenly Father
has to share.

Also my sweet Kaniyah leaves this next Tuesday so we are praying that
she can get baptized this week before she is gone for the summer, she
really helps heaven to feel a whole lot closer.

Here's a pic Kaniyah drew for us

Monday, May 23, 2016

Week of May 23rd

This week kind of sucked. It was pretty trying but we are so grateful
that these moments are just temporary. And plus it helps us to really
count our blessings and focus on what is most important :)
I think it's the neatest thing that we get to constantly learn and
grow and strengthen certain aspects of our life. Like even something
as simple as prayer. We are to pray everyday, but yet each prayer
should be sincere and personable. We go through different experiences
in this life, and I know for me I sometimes just really think that my
faith is wavering and lacking. And then Heavenly Father always shows
us the way to be built up again. We must never forget that we are
children of the most high God, who truly loves us. How lucky are we
that we get to turn to Him always. I know prayer brings comfort, peace
and guidance in times of need.
When life gets overwhelming all we need to do is simplify and trust God.
Also I get to hold bunnies and see Kaniyah like everyday, which always
keeps me sane. Love y'all <3
Here's some pics from 5 ever ago at transfers

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Week of May 16th

Sorry I was rotten and have barley any time..
But I seriously learn so much every week and I love it. Coming closer
to Christ is literally the best, and I absolutely adore helping others
find that as well.

We had this cute little camp for the youth in our stake about
missionary work called Camp Helaman and it was GREAT. We talked with
lots of kids and getting to see the light in their eyes as the saw the
light of Christ in us was so neat. They look up to us and want to be
like us. We want to be like Christ and follow his example, and they
look to us. As we follow His example we too set His example. I don't
just want to do missionary things and have missionary experiences I
want to help people change and I want to be changed through the Lord.
It really is the coolest blessing ever.
 We constantly learn and then are retaught and retaught. The Lord is
so mindful of us, I have like a brand new trial so often and it's
great because the Lord sees fit that I need to grow. We just need to
remember this when something tricky comes our way, so we can look to
Him and "make the best of whatever life throws at ya"
The atonement of Jesus Christ enables and allows us to grow and become
more like Christ. We can change in the very moment we give our desires
to Christ. We can be our best self everyday as we follow His example.
We must accept where we are to allow it to be where we were.
That is the core of our purpose here on earth, and I love the other
immense blessing we get to experience along the way. Like sweet little
prayers from 10 year olds. And eating ice cream. And holding bunnies.
Getting to know and love knew people. Seeing the beauty all around us.
OUR FAMILIES. Life is pretty sweet, I promise.
My new comp Sister Campbell is great, we have tons of fun together!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Week of May 9th

I hope everyone had a great week :) my week was pretty neat, I got a
new companion, her name is Sister Campbell and she is from Utah. I was
stoked to be able to show her cute little Conway! Just another busy
busy week! My favorite part was when Kaniyah got up with the primary
to sing in the Mother's Day program yesterday. It was so sweet, my
heart swells so much, I was really proud of her and it was just the
greatest to see her continue to grow and progress!
And it's also always so neat how Heavenly Father is so mindful of us.
My week was pretty overwhelming, but the Lord never lets me forget. He
is always there for us and is so willing and eager to bless us, as we
are willing to see and accept his blessings. I know life is gets a
whole lot sweeter when we stop to count our blessings, thank Heavenly
Father and always follow and rely on Jesus Christ. It's pretty simple.
And I really just relearned how powerful prayer is. Like we can
actually communicate with God. It is such a blessing to our souls and
I know that every prayer is heard and answered. I just really want to
invite y'all to have a prayer of gratitude, I know it can help uplift
and enlighten us in any situation we may be going through.
I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR MY FAMILY, I was able to call home and it was so
sweet. Also I was able to FINALLY see Rylee and she is an absolute QT.

But here is Rylee in her SC


Week of May 2nd

   I will be here in Conway for another 6 weeks and I'm so happy! I love Conway with all my heart. The people, town and just everything is so great! My time on my mission has flown by, I can't believe I've been out for 5 months! It feels like I've done this my whole life and also just a week hah 
    As always I have had a busy week teaching and learning. Mostly that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a blessing that truly helps both families and individuals. It gives and brings so much hope in this life and the life to come. I often find myself in such awe for my love and gratitude for our Heavenly Father, His perfect plan and our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ. Like it's just so real and neat and I am absolutely in love with this life. 
   Ok best thing ever, Kaniyah finally asked her mom about baptism and she is calling her dad today. PRAYING she will be able to, she loves the gospel so much and is actually the brightest little star and also our best friend. She never fails to make our day. And I have absolutely loved being apart of this journey with her, it's been great to see her testimony and love for the Lord grow these past several months. She said the sweetest prayer about
  We also had the neatest experience yesterday. We were sitting in Relief Society (church) and this lady walks in the last 5 minutes. Obviously us missionaries went up to her to get her story. her name is Molly and she said "I woke up this morning and knew i needed to go to church, so i got in my car and started driving. The Lord told me to go that road, and there were 3 churches along the side. I prayed to know where to go and the Lord said that one, so i walked in. I know it's where the Lord wants me to be." yes there are really that many churches here in the South!
turns out she just happened to find her self in Christ's true church. I don't doubt for a single second that this is the Lord's work and he is diligently preparing souls to receive the fullness of His Gospel. And so we shared the message of how Christ restored His church through the prophet Joseph Smith and she knows it is true. 
   So whether you are 10 years old and meeting with the missionaries everyday for 3 months, or just walk in and meet with them once, THE GOSPEL IS TRUE, and truth will always be true. Heavenly Father knows and loves every single one of His children. He does not desire for a single one of us to be lost. That is WHY He restored His church, because He loves us and His Gospel is a blessing. I know the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is Christ's true church with everything in me, and I testify of these truths in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. 
   I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH, thanks for all the love and support. 

Week of Apr 25th

This week went super fast as always!
Basically this week I learned that nothing usually ever goes as we plan. But as we trust in and follow the Lord, we can follow God's plan which is ALWAYS the best. Everyday is actually a gift from God, and we have the power to choose happiness and make the best out of it regardless of what life may throw at us. Choosing Christ will always bring light, and there is no joy greater! 
Juana, she is from NY and she had been meeting with missionaries in the past, moved down here a couple of weeks ago and was baptized this past Saturday! It was so so neat because she speaks little English but she really tries! and her baptism, confirmation and talks were all given in Spanish even though our ward doesn't necessarily have the resources to provide or have a spanish ward close. BUT several members in our ward served missions in Mexico were so eager to go above and beyond to help out! It was such a beautiful service, and although we weren't able to understand the words, the Spirit was so strong. I love bringing souls to Christ, it's so neat. Juana is such a sweet daughter of God who works so hard for what truly matters most and it's so sweet how Lord has truly provided for her to enter into His fold. She is so cute, we always just laugh because we try so hard to understand each other! WE LOVE HER SO MUCH
I know that the Lord truly loves and knows each of us perfectly, and His invitation always stands to "come unto Him"

Here is a pic of us, Juana and her nephew (typical missionary pic :)

Week of Apr 18th

Another busy week, hope y'all are swell :)
My favorite part of being a missionary is getting to meet the sweetest of people
2 years ago yesterday was when I first met the missionaries and simply prayed to know if the Book of Mormon is true and my life has been forever changed.
And it is so humbling to now get to help others along their spiritual journey to the greatest truth and pure joy anyone could receive. 
And all of the people we meet are oh so different and come from completely different backgrounds, but everyone has the ability to know of these beautiful truths!  
Our investigator James (Kaniyah's) granddad is finally going to be baptized, after have meeting with the missionaries 4 years ago! They are literally the sweetest ever, we see them everyday and they just feel like family! Kaniyah is forever the highlight of my week! She has been trying to be better about her morning prayers, and one day she said that she got on the bus, saw us on our morning run and remembered she needed to pray! she said "I looked at my friend all shocked and told her i forgot to pray, so i started praying" then we asked, " oh like just a little prayer in your head?" she said " no i said it out loud", we asked "oh did your little friend pray with you?" she said, "I don't know my eyes were closed" Haha she is seriously the cutest thing ever! When we told her about the restoration we explained that we have a prophet and proper priesthood authority she said, "we need to make flyers so that everyone can know this!" 
she has so much love and enthusiasm for the gospel and makes me want to be a better person every day. Basically i just love her a whole lot! 
And never underestimate or give up on someone you think may not "want or need" the gospel of Jesus Christ because I can assure you that everyone needs the peace and joy that comes from being able to access the atonement of Jesus Christ more fully in their lives and that is only possible through His restored church. Never doubt that that is real, and needed. I pray we may all reach out with courage to those around us who may not even know that their souls are searching for the greatest gift ever. 
 Love y'all bunches 

Week of Apr 11th

Don't have a ton of time this week but basically I love South Carolina! It is beautiful and we get to meet all sorts of people! It's pretty weird going into people's homes that we just met to talk about Christ, but I also know it's the most important and coolest thing.

Kaniyah went up with me and bore her testimony yesterday. It was the sweetest thing ever. My heart is so swollen for the love of the people. and its just so neat to see that in the variety of people we meet, they are all children of God who have this divine potential to know the truths of God and our purpose in life. It's real and super sweet. 

We went to this guys house who lives off of this super cool river, and also on his answering machine his wife says,"Sorry we missed your call, we are just out picking sunflowers" They are the cutest ever, they've been married for 52 years. And he just fishes off of his back porch. 
Hope y'all have the best week ever


Week of Apr 4th

  Happy April! I hope you've had a great week! Sister Haynie and I say every week, "This week was so weird, missionary life isn't real", and I think this week I just realized I am on a mission. That sounds silly, but it totally just hit me. Some days it's just hard to wear a skirt, to be away from home, family, and friends, or to not have time to myself. But that is the most beautiful part, it is not about me! I am not my own. I absolutely adore this blessing and opportunity I have to love and serve those around me. I know there is a prophet of God on the earth who receives the guidance and revelation from the Lord to send missionaries across the world to exactly where they are needed and need to be. 
     I have learned a lot about how Heavenly Father is mindful of our every need. We are each given experiences needed to return to live back with Him. Some come simply because of our own choices, and others simply because God knows what we need. Some experiences are great, and others just really suck. And sometimes we have no stinking clue, but we have a lifetime to figure it out. And that is why faith in Jesus Christ is so essential. Because life is real. Experiences of all shapes and sizes are needed to get us where we are going, and help us become who God has intended for us to be when we get there. We are on a path of this upward climb to God, whether people know it or not, it is why every single one of us, as His children, are even here. And the Gospel of Jesus Christ, encompassing His Church, the Prophet, the priesthood, the sealing power within the temple, the scriptures, the reality of prayer and revelation, and our Savior Jesus Christ..basically everything has been given to us as a gift from God to help us along the way. I cannot express enough my gratitude and love for the gospel of Jesus Christ. And the BLESSING this knowledge, and the fullness of His gospel that has been restored to the earth, is in my life. I want EVERYONE to know and partake of these divine truths, BECAUSE it is why we are even here. I PROMISE you there is nothing in the life that can ever amount to the peace, and joy that comes from love of Jesus Christ and God. And i can PROMISE that all that has been given to us from can and is found in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. But it's not about the church, it's about Christ, and the church and all it encompasses, is what he has given us. His gospel blesses families, has blessed my life, and can and will bless all of those who are willing to simple learn more and act upon it. I promise you this life is the greatest thing ever. 
   South Carolina is the best! I love the people so much! And everything is is so pretty and delicious! I love and miss you all! here is a picture of what they call "Sugar Hill" and I also FINALLY got some BBQ. 


Week of Mar 28th

HAPPY EASTER, I hope everyone had a super beautiful Easter Sunday!
   This week has been super busy and of course super great. First off our investigator Neil was baptized and it was so neat. It has just been great seeing him come closer to Christ these past few months and finally act upon his love for and desire to follow Christ. For him to know the blessings of the restored gospel and true and real, i just love being a missionary.
   He was given the precious gift of the Holy Ghost on Easter, the day our Father in Heaven gave the greatest gift to the world, His Son. It really was such a beautiful day. I know that Christ is real and He lives. That he did indeed suffer for and take upon Him all of our sins, and every pain or affliction we have ever or will ever feel. That is real. I know that we can turn to Him in all things. And because He overcame death, we too will be resurrected. We have new life in Christ. That is something i never really understood before, but it is truly the most beautiful blessing ever. All things are possible with Christ. Because of Him, we can return to live with our father in heaven and be with our families forever, how stinkin lucky are we?
   Another highlight of the week and also my life is our sweet little Kaniyah. She LOVES the gospel of Jesus Christ so much. She knows the Book of Mormon is true and reads it all the time. She knows Joseph Smith was a prophet, loves Thomas S Monson is a prophet on the earth today and is super excited to watch general conference this weekend. I think we are in the same boat because it really is the coolest thing to hear God speak to us directly through the prophet, apostles and other leaders of the church. WE ARE STOKED. But she really is the sweetest thing ever and her prayers always make our day. She prayed that we would stay in Conway with her for 50,000 more months. On Wednesday we told her about the missionaries in Belgium and she said the sweetest prayer for them. That they would be safe and protected, as well as their families and that they would know how much God loves them. She also prayed for all of the missionaries around the world, that is any of them were home sick that they would know they that are needed where they are and have found new families and home here.
   I'm just super grateful for this life, for our families and the love that we are able to feel from our Father in Heaven and our Savior Jesus Christ. Please watch general conference this weekend, God is wanting to speak to all of us, it's super beautiful, all we have to do is listen so He can.
    Please keep the missionaries and those affected by the tragedy in Belgium in your prayers. 
Hope y'all have a wonderful and safe week. Love you all so much!

Week of Mar 21st

   We get to stay in Conway for another transfer, 6 weeks (my first 2 transfers were 7 weeks though) but I am so so happy! I LOVE Conway so much, it is the stinkin cutest town and the people are great. I know that I was called by a prophet of God to serve in South Carolina, and especially in Conway right now. There have just been so many miracles and blessings that it can't be a coincidence. 
   The neatest thing from this week has been the Lords timing. We pretty diligently plan our days out and who we will see because we have such a big area, so we usually plan to see certain people in the areas according to miles. But when we pray we always ask Heavenly Father if we need to change our plans, to let us know. so my ipad just decided to change our plans, and the order of people we were going to see got all switched up, and we couldnt remeber who we needed to see first. So we followed our new messed up plans, and it was so crazy because we finally were able to contact this lady that has been on our mind for weeks and we literally had a time window of 2 minutes. if we had been any earlier or later we would have missed her. I KNOW THIS IS THE LORDS WORK AND THAT PRAYER IS REAL. I have felt the power of prayer so much, and know that Heavenly Father is truly able to lead and guide us. I know that we are excatly where we need to be. And that Heavenly Father truly know what is best for all of us. All he asks is for us to trust, rely on, and follow him. And I am grateful for the restored gospel, the Book of Mormon and our living Prophet Thomas S Monson which allows us to do so. 
    Its just so sweet to be a part of the Lords work and I am forever grateful for this opportunity and everyones love and support! PS here is a picture of my little district here in Conway!

Week of Feb 22nd

Everything is going great here in Conway! There have been so many cool experiences and an abundance of blessing, i wish you guys could all just be here with me! The biggest thing i have learned this week is how important it is to count our blessings everyday, and then give thanks to God. I know that sounds really obvious but i think we often forget how truly blessed we are because we see them everyday and can often expect them. But I know that our lives will become a whole lot sweeter when we truly take the time to see God's hand in our lives, because i know He is there for us every single day. I am so grateful to be a child of God and to know that He is truly our loving father in heaven. I know my family means the absolute world to me! I love you all so much! 
PS my cute little fam sent me a broncos super bowl shirt this week! so nice to have a little bit of Denver out here in SC 

Week of Mar 14th

This week went by so fast! We have been teaching some amazing people who actually want to have the restored gospel in their lives and it is great! i am just so thankful for the Spirit which has lead us to the people that the Lord has prepared, it seriously never ceases to amaze me. I just get to see so many miracles and its so so neat. The best thing this week was church. the Spirit was just so strong and a less active family(the Darrs) we have been working with for the last 3 months finally came and it was so sweet! also our little 10 year old investigator Kaniyah called us before church and said she couldnt come because her grandma said her hair was too crazy. so we stopped what we were doing, told her we wouldnt do our hair, and then headed over to try and do her hair! it was so great because she just got her weave out and Sister Haynie and i have no idea how to do black hair, but we did it and she was able to come! It was just so cute! 


Week of Mar 7th

Sorry I have like no time, but I just wanted to say I love you all and hope your week is

Week of Feb 29th

So many miracles this week :)
I have met the best people! There are just many people and neat
experiences that I wish I could share them all! But we have been able
to talk with so many people this week since the weather has been nicer
and they've been out and about! We have had this "one more" mentality,
as in knocking one more door or something. We were on our way to go to
dinner and we decided to give a picture of Christ to a couple of
people. They told us they wanted to learn more and to come back and
see them at their house. When we went to the address the next day, but
turns out they don't even live there ha BUT we found this family that
had met with missionaries and wanted to be baptized! The 10 year old
granddaughter Keniya wants to be baptized in a couple of weeks and we
are so so excited :) they were able to come to church and she is just
really learning so much :) she gives the sweetest prayers and I just
love being a missionary!
We were so so busy this week and taught around 30 lessons, which is my
favorite part! And it really paid off, we had so many of our
investigators come to church this week, we took up a whole pew! It was
just so neat how we gave everything that we could, and the Lord gave
us so much more. Through out the Book of Mormon the testify that if we
keep the Lord's commandments, he promises we will prosper in the land
and I KNOW this to be true! Just always so very grateful to be n
instrument in the Lord's hands.
Also, Lacey had her baby this week and my niece is the absolute
sweetest thing ever! My heart is so full and I love you all :)

Week of Feb 15th

Happy Valentine's Day and Presidents' Day! Just wanted to say hello
and love and miss you all!

Week of Feb 8th

   This week was pretty great! Um for starters, on Monday we went to
the Bishop's house for a " farewell" dinner with the elders. We had
caviar, beat pickled eggs, pig snout, tripe, beef heart, snapping
turtle soup, squid, octopus, muscles, clams, crawfish, fried frog
legs, fried rabbit, and fried Rocky Mountain oysters.. Yeah it was
pretty interesting and I took really little bites of everything but it
counts! But then we had shrimp and grits so that made up for it haha
   We met a lot of people but we didn't get to teach much, but it was
super neat and humbling to meet all the people we did. And we got to
do A LOT of service. I'm learning so much about truly being a disciple
of Christ and it's great. We met this older couple named Mamie and
George Lance, we drove by while they were raking their leaves so we
pulled over to help! They were the sweetest and said that their secret
for being together all these years is "to never go to bed mad at each
other" it was sweet and simple.
   We also had this service project with the church picking up trash!
We were briefly on the news haha! Hope you all
have a great week, love you bunches!

Week of Feb 1st

Hello from Conway! I'm staying another 6 weeks for sure so yay!
Highlights from this week: we had this awesome zone conference in
Sumter will our mission president and Elder Nielson(general authority
over missionaries) and it was so good! Their talks and insight were
great, I am constantly learning tons! And it was also good to be with
many missionaries, I saw a few that I knew in the MTC so that's always
fun! Friday our investigator Connie took us to have breakfast at the
beach on Surf Side Pier! (I had tons of pics but the computers are
working so I can't send them this week:( ) but it was really cool! I
love all the neat things and place I am able to see, but most
importantly the people. And it's really cool to see people grow and
change in the gospel. I have never felt closer to my Savior, as I'm
able to testify and bring others unto Him, but also as I haves relied
on Him so heavily. This work could not be done with out Him. And our
lives shouldn't be either. It is the sweetest thing I know and I'm
just so grateful to know that He lives and loves me. There are a bunch
of different churches down here and people believe lots of different
things, but it's neat to be where people believe in Christ at least.
We met Maggie this week. It was in a not so great area and we couldn't
find this guys address, so we were going to just move on. But the
Spirit prompted us to go to this house and it turned out to be the
address we were looking for. The guy wasn't home but we met Maggie and
she said she was interested in listening to us. The Spirit completely
took over the lesson and touched her heart. She just kept saying how
simple it is and that she knows it's true and makes sense. Before we
were even done she asked if we could come back and teach her more and
be baptized. She said that everyone should have the Book of Mormon
because it makes sense and is true. And I testify of that as well. I
have seen and felt the Book of Mormon bring me closer to Christ. And
I've seen His Gospel change me. I know it was written and brought
forth by God for me. And for everyone. It's so neat to experience the
gospel change lives, and to see people recognize truth. My testimony
grows stronger each day. I know my Savior Jesus Christ lives and that
we need Him and His gospel now more than ever. Missions are tough but
I am so very blessed. Thanks so ,cut for all you guys do! Sorry I only
have a pic of me and my comp.

Week of Jan 25th

GO BRONCOS! I don't have much time today, but yes it did snow (I am right next to Myrtle Beach) so 1/16th of an inch is still snow! This week has been jam packed with miracles, I wish I could share them all! But last week we went on exchanges( i had a different comapnion for 24 hours) and i met this little boy named Jacob. We had a great lesson and is being baptized this Saturday, so excited for him! He said the sweetest prayer about doing everything God asks him to because he loves God. The Spirit truly led and guided us to the people we need to see and I am just so grateful to meet so many people and witness all of these miracles. We had this like 20 yr old girl that wanted to meet with us (they met her right before i came) and we have been going back to her house several times througout the day to catch her over the last 6 weeks and she has never been home. Last friday we prayed to know what to do, felt prompted to go to her house, AND SHE WAS HOME. had such a beautiful lesson and strengthened my testimony of prayer and that answers are real. We also had a super cool world wide missionary broadcast from the Apostles! All in all the Gospel is true and I love you guys! I promise ill have more super cool stories and pics next week! 


Week of Jan 18th

Happy MLK day! Down here the kids get 5 day weekend for MLK day so
that's neat! Last night we knocked into the Horry County Police Chief
and she invited us to come to this MLK breakfast with her, so we did!
It was quite an experience! We were by far the youngest people along
with a handful of white people so that was neat! We also had gritz for
the first time! It was honestly pretty weird because there were a
bunch of political and fancy people, and we knew absolutely nobody,
and barely got to see the lady we just met last night haha but I've
learned to love and embrace the awkward situations in missionary life!
 SO this week has been great as always! We have had lots of different
foods; cabbage and corned beef, chicken bog(chicken, sausage and rice)
Japanese hibachi and all sorts of desserts.
I'm excited to try more soul food, but yes it is very true that you
eat lots here in the south!
 We were able to get a service opportunity that we will be doing every
week and this soup kitchen called Shepherds Table. It's so neat to be
able to help out the less fortunate, and we get to talk to lots of
them as well! Like I really just love getting to know people, and have
this neat opportunity too see them as Christ does. We even had this
guy holler us over because he had been baptized! The Lords hand is so
neat and I'm so grateful to being serving Him!
Highlight was definitely meeting and teaching 3 kids, Keyshawn, D'maya
and Imani. They're around 10 years old and they really want to be
baptized! They know o much already, like they were just with God not
to long ago and it's so cool to see them remember the things they were
taught before they came to earth. They truly recognize the Spirit and
truth and it's so neat.
 OH YAH so we went to this members home and they were watching the
Bronco game, I was so so excited! They were die hard Steelers fans, so
that was a bummer for them haha. But when we got there the game was
just in the background, and I was totally listening to our
conversation and really tried to not watch the game but when they
fumbled the ball and D Ware recovered it I almost jumped out of my
seat and we all laughed so hard. I definitely miss football a lot, but
I'm so grateful for everyone that's been keeping me updated!
  All in all had a solid week and truly love being a missionary. I
love hearing from y'all and am so thankful for everyone support!
Here's some pics I promised! South Carolina winters and rain are a lot
different from back home!