Monday, May 9, 2016

Week of Feb 1st

Hello from Conway! I'm staying another 6 weeks for sure so yay!
Highlights from this week: we had this awesome zone conference in
Sumter will our mission president and Elder Nielson(general authority
over missionaries) and it was so good! Their talks and insight were
great, I am constantly learning tons! And it was also good to be with
many missionaries, I saw a few that I knew in the MTC so that's always
fun! Friday our investigator Connie took us to have breakfast at the
beach on Surf Side Pier! (I had tons of pics but the computers are
working so I can't send them this week:( ) but it was really cool! I
love all the neat things and place I am able to see, but most
importantly the people. And it's really cool to see people grow and
change in the gospel. I have never felt closer to my Savior, as I'm
able to testify and bring others unto Him, but also as I haves relied
on Him so heavily. This work could not be done with out Him. And our
lives shouldn't be either. It is the sweetest thing I know and I'm
just so grateful to know that He lives and loves me. There are a bunch
of different churches down here and people believe lots of different
things, but it's neat to be where people believe in Christ at least.
We met Maggie this week. It was in a not so great area and we couldn't
find this guys address, so we were going to just move on. But the
Spirit prompted us to go to this house and it turned out to be the
address we were looking for. The guy wasn't home but we met Maggie and
she said she was interested in listening to us. The Spirit completely
took over the lesson and touched her heart. She just kept saying how
simple it is and that she knows it's true and makes sense. Before we
were even done she asked if we could come back and teach her more and
be baptized. She said that everyone should have the Book of Mormon
because it makes sense and is true. And I testify of that as well. I
have seen and felt the Book of Mormon bring me closer to Christ. And
I've seen His Gospel change me. I know it was written and brought
forth by God for me. And for everyone. It's so neat to experience the
gospel change lives, and to see people recognize truth. My testimony
grows stronger each day. I know my Savior Jesus Christ lives and that
we need Him and His gospel now more than ever. Missions are tough but
I am so very blessed. Thanks so ,cut for all you guys do! Sorry I only
have a pic of me and my comp.

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