Monday, May 9, 2016

Week of Mar 21st

   We get to stay in Conway for another transfer, 6 weeks (my first 2 transfers were 7 weeks though) but I am so so happy! I LOVE Conway so much, it is the stinkin cutest town and the people are great. I know that I was called by a prophet of God to serve in South Carolina, and especially in Conway right now. There have just been so many miracles and blessings that it can't be a coincidence. 
   The neatest thing from this week has been the Lords timing. We pretty diligently plan our days out and who we will see because we have such a big area, so we usually plan to see certain people in the areas according to miles. But when we pray we always ask Heavenly Father if we need to change our plans, to let us know. so my ipad just decided to change our plans, and the order of people we were going to see got all switched up, and we couldnt remeber who we needed to see first. So we followed our new messed up plans, and it was so crazy because we finally were able to contact this lady that has been on our mind for weeks and we literally had a time window of 2 minutes. if we had been any earlier or later we would have missed her. I KNOW THIS IS THE LORDS WORK AND THAT PRAYER IS REAL. I have felt the power of prayer so much, and know that Heavenly Father is truly able to lead and guide us. I know that we are excatly where we need to be. And that Heavenly Father truly know what is best for all of us. All he asks is for us to trust, rely on, and follow him. And I am grateful for the restored gospel, the Book of Mormon and our living Prophet Thomas S Monson which allows us to do so. 
    Its just so sweet to be a part of the Lords work and I am forever grateful for this opportunity and everyones love and support! PS here is a picture of my little district here in Conway!

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