Monday, May 9, 2016

Week of Dec 21st


So ill try to remember everything thats happened, but thats pretty unlikely haha 
We got to South Carolina Tuesday afternoon, My mission presdient and his wife(President and Sister Turner) picked us all up at the airport! It was pretty humid but also not really, they say it gets super fun in the summer.. but yes then Elder Daynes and Elder Hanson (AP'S) drove us to the mission home! the mission home is beautiful! we had this amazing dinner and then started on missionary stuff. they let us go to bed early since had been up since 2 am. The next day we headed to the Church building to get the things we needed and then to get our new companions and head to our areas! SO IM IN CONWAY AND MY COMPANION IS SISTER HAYNIE shes from Seattle Washinton, i adore her. Conway is right next to myrtle beach, so we are going to the beach today for my birthday( since we can't tomorrow) IM SO EXCITED TO SEE THE OCEAN, itll be neat. But yeah so we had a 3 hour drive to our area from columbia, once we got there we dropped my stuff off and started knocking. it was super weird at first, but tracting is one of my favs. like we dont know these people but they are all children of God and they need to know that the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ is on the earth. We've just had some amazing experinces so far! At first the days seemed realy long and exhausting, which they still are, but I have fallen completely in love with the Lord's work. I wish i could tell you all my stories! Sister Haynie and I have struggled with food since we dopnt grocery shop until today so we've been trying to just eat things up, and have had some pretty interesting meals.. my fav has been our deer nachos, they were disgusting haha but i really do love her, we've grown so close in this last little week and im so grateful for her. we teach really well together! She's just really cute and classy and yes. UM ive invited 2 people to be baptized and its been one of the most powerful and amazing thing ive ever done. BOTH want to get baptized, and i adore them (SYLVIA AND PETER KELLY)! I also love the members here and their cute little southern accents and hospitality! my favs are BRother and Sister Darling so far! and they have two little pugs, which i kept saying they were darling and it was awesome. But yes i wish i had more time, everyday i have seen countless miracles, its so beautifully overwhelming, and im so excited for these next 18 months! 
Thanks for baring with me and my story telling, i truly love and appreciate you all! READ THE BOOK OF MORMON EVERY SINGLE DAY PLEASE, OKAY LOVE YOU GUYS AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

My cute little district in the MTC

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