Monday, May 9, 2016

Week of Feb 8th

   This week was pretty great! Um for starters, on Monday we went to
the Bishop's house for a " farewell" dinner with the elders. We had
caviar, beat pickled eggs, pig snout, tripe, beef heart, snapping
turtle soup, squid, octopus, muscles, clams, crawfish, fried frog
legs, fried rabbit, and fried Rocky Mountain oysters.. Yeah it was
pretty interesting and I took really little bites of everything but it
counts! But then we had shrimp and grits so that made up for it haha
   We met a lot of people but we didn't get to teach much, but it was
super neat and humbling to meet all the people we did. And we got to
do A LOT of service. I'm learning so much about truly being a disciple
of Christ and it's great. We met this older couple named Mamie and
George Lance, we drove by while they were raking their leaves so we
pulled over to help! They were the sweetest and said that their secret
for being together all these years is "to never go to bed mad at each
other" it was sweet and simple.
   We also had this service project with the church picking up trash!
We were briefly on the news haha! Hope you all
have a great week, love you bunches!

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