Monday, May 9, 2016

Week of Feb 29th

So many miracles this week :)
I have met the best people! There are just many people and neat
experiences that I wish I could share them all! But we have been able
to talk with so many people this week since the weather has been nicer
and they've been out and about! We have had this "one more" mentality,
as in knocking one more door or something. We were on our way to go to
dinner and we decided to give a picture of Christ to a couple of
people. They told us they wanted to learn more and to come back and
see them at their house. When we went to the address the next day, but
turns out they don't even live there ha BUT we found this family that
had met with missionaries and wanted to be baptized! The 10 year old
granddaughter Keniya wants to be baptized in a couple of weeks and we
are so so excited :) they were able to come to church and she is just
really learning so much :) she gives the sweetest prayers and I just
love being a missionary!
We were so so busy this week and taught around 30 lessons, which is my
favorite part! And it really paid off, we had so many of our
investigators come to church this week, we took up a whole pew! It was
just so neat how we gave everything that we could, and the Lord gave
us so much more. Through out the Book of Mormon the testify that if we
keep the Lord's commandments, he promises we will prosper in the land
and I KNOW this to be true! Just always so very grateful to be n
instrument in the Lord's hands.
Also, Lacey had her baby this week and my niece is the absolute
sweetest thing ever! My heart is so full and I love you all :)

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