Monday, May 9, 2016

Week of Apr 4th

  Happy April! I hope you've had a great week! Sister Haynie and I say every week, "This week was so weird, missionary life isn't real", and I think this week I just realized I am on a mission. That sounds silly, but it totally just hit me. Some days it's just hard to wear a skirt, to be away from home, family, and friends, or to not have time to myself. But that is the most beautiful part, it is not about me! I am not my own. I absolutely adore this blessing and opportunity I have to love and serve those around me. I know there is a prophet of God on the earth who receives the guidance and revelation from the Lord to send missionaries across the world to exactly where they are needed and need to be. 
     I have learned a lot about how Heavenly Father is mindful of our every need. We are each given experiences needed to return to live back with Him. Some come simply because of our own choices, and others simply because God knows what we need. Some experiences are great, and others just really suck. And sometimes we have no stinking clue, but we have a lifetime to figure it out. And that is why faith in Jesus Christ is so essential. Because life is real. Experiences of all shapes and sizes are needed to get us where we are going, and help us become who God has intended for us to be when we get there. We are on a path of this upward climb to God, whether people know it or not, it is why every single one of us, as His children, are even here. And the Gospel of Jesus Christ, encompassing His Church, the Prophet, the priesthood, the sealing power within the temple, the scriptures, the reality of prayer and revelation, and our Savior Jesus Christ..basically everything has been given to us as a gift from God to help us along the way. I cannot express enough my gratitude and love for the gospel of Jesus Christ. And the BLESSING this knowledge, and the fullness of His gospel that has been restored to the earth, is in my life. I want EVERYONE to know and partake of these divine truths, BECAUSE it is why we are even here. I PROMISE you there is nothing in the life that can ever amount to the peace, and joy that comes from love of Jesus Christ and God. And i can PROMISE that all that has been given to us from can and is found in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. But it's not about the church, it's about Christ, and the church and all it encompasses, is what he has given us. His gospel blesses families, has blessed my life, and can and will bless all of those who are willing to simple learn more and act upon it. I promise you this life is the greatest thing ever. 
   South Carolina is the best! I love the people so much! And everything is is so pretty and delicious! I love and miss you all! here is a picture of what they call "Sugar Hill" and I also FINALLY got some BBQ. 


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  1. I love reading your super bubbly & upbeat e-mails! Thank you for sharing your testimony about the blessing life itself truly is.
    --Julie N