Monday, May 9, 2016

Week of Mar 14th

This week went by so fast! We have been teaching some amazing people who actually want to have the restored gospel in their lives and it is great! i am just so thankful for the Spirit which has lead us to the people that the Lord has prepared, it seriously never ceases to amaze me. I just get to see so many miracles and its so so neat. The best thing this week was church. the Spirit was just so strong and a less active family(the Darrs) we have been working with for the last 3 months finally came and it was so sweet! also our little 10 year old investigator Kaniyah called us before church and said she couldnt come because her grandma said her hair was too crazy. so we stopped what we were doing, told her we wouldnt do our hair, and then headed over to try and do her hair! it was so great because she just got her weave out and Sister Haynie and i have no idea how to do black hair, but we did it and she was able to come! It was just so cute! 


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