Monday, May 9, 2016

Week of Jan 18th

Happy MLK day! Down here the kids get 5 day weekend for MLK day so
that's neat! Last night we knocked into the Horry County Police Chief
and she invited us to come to this MLK breakfast with her, so we did!
It was quite an experience! We were by far the youngest people along
with a handful of white people so that was neat! We also had gritz for
the first time! It was honestly pretty weird because there were a
bunch of political and fancy people, and we knew absolutely nobody,
and barely got to see the lady we just met last night haha but I've
learned to love and embrace the awkward situations in missionary life!
 SO this week has been great as always! We have had lots of different
foods; cabbage and corned beef, chicken bog(chicken, sausage and rice)
Japanese hibachi and all sorts of desserts.
I'm excited to try more soul food, but yes it is very true that you
eat lots here in the south!
 We were able to get a service opportunity that we will be doing every
week and this soup kitchen called Shepherds Table. It's so neat to be
able to help out the less fortunate, and we get to talk to lots of
them as well! Like I really just love getting to know people, and have
this neat opportunity too see them as Christ does. We even had this
guy holler us over because he had been baptized! The Lords hand is so
neat and I'm so grateful to being serving Him!
Highlight was definitely meeting and teaching 3 kids, Keyshawn, D'maya
and Imani. They're around 10 years old and they really want to be
baptized! They know o much already, like they were just with God not
to long ago and it's so cool to see them remember the things they were
taught before they came to earth. They truly recognize the Spirit and
truth and it's so neat.
 OH YAH so we went to this members home and they were watching the
Bronco game, I was so so excited! They were die hard Steelers fans, so
that was a bummer for them haha. But when we got there the game was
just in the background, and I was totally listening to our
conversation and really tried to not watch the game but when they
fumbled the ball and D Ware recovered it I almost jumped out of my
seat and we all laughed so hard. I definitely miss football a lot, but
I'm so grateful for everyone that's been keeping me updated!
  All in all had a solid week and truly love being a missionary. I
love hearing from y'all and am so thankful for everyone support!
Here's some pics I promised! South Carolina winters and rain are a lot
different from back home!


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