Monday, May 9, 2016

Week of Apr 25th

This week went super fast as always!
Basically this week I learned that nothing usually ever goes as we plan. But as we trust in and follow the Lord, we can follow God's plan which is ALWAYS the best. Everyday is actually a gift from God, and we have the power to choose happiness and make the best out of it regardless of what life may throw at us. Choosing Christ will always bring light, and there is no joy greater! 
Juana, she is from NY and she had been meeting with missionaries in the past, moved down here a couple of weeks ago and was baptized this past Saturday! It was so so neat because she speaks little English but she really tries! and her baptism, confirmation and talks were all given in Spanish even though our ward doesn't necessarily have the resources to provide or have a spanish ward close. BUT several members in our ward served missions in Mexico were so eager to go above and beyond to help out! It was such a beautiful service, and although we weren't able to understand the words, the Spirit was so strong. I love bringing souls to Christ, it's so neat. Juana is such a sweet daughter of God who works so hard for what truly matters most and it's so sweet how Lord has truly provided for her to enter into His fold. She is so cute, we always just laugh because we try so hard to understand each other! WE LOVE HER SO MUCH
I know that the Lord truly loves and knows each of us perfectly, and His invitation always stands to "come unto Him"

Here is a pic of us, Juana and her nephew (typical missionary pic :)

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