Monday, May 9, 2016

Week of Jan 4th

Happy new year! I hope everyone had a fun New Years Eve! We packed and cleaned all night, which was actually pretty good! We were supposed to have collared greens and hoppin johns for New Years day (tradition here) but it unfortunately feel through! The week was pretty slow but definitely still good! Time warp is real and the days just run together! PS bare with me as im figuring out this whole emailing thing! 
My ABSOLUTE favorite thing from this last week has been listening to children pray. We have had like 6 different kids want to pray when we visit their family's homes and its just so sweet and genuine. To them life and the gospel is simple. They dont understand everything, but they absolutely walk by Faith. It makes so much sense as to why our Father in Heaven wants us to be child like. Because the Gospel IS simple, beautiful and perfect. AND the little kids are so drawn to us everywhere we go, and it's because they know that we are messengers from God. It is so neat. I am loving and getting to know members and its start to feel like home! especially because we just moved this week! i absolutley love our new house! here are some pics! i love you all so much! 


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