Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Week of May 16th

Sorry I was rotten and have barley any time..
But I seriously learn so much every week and I love it. Coming closer
to Christ is literally the best, and I absolutely adore helping others
find that as well.

We had this cute little camp for the youth in our stake about
missionary work called Camp Helaman and it was GREAT. We talked with
lots of kids and getting to see the light in their eyes as the saw the
light of Christ in us was so neat. They look up to us and want to be
like us. We want to be like Christ and follow his example, and they
look to us. As we follow His example we too set His example. I don't
just want to do missionary things and have missionary experiences I
want to help people change and I want to be changed through the Lord.
It really is the coolest blessing ever.
 We constantly learn and then are retaught and retaught. The Lord is
so mindful of us, I have like a brand new trial so often and it's
great because the Lord sees fit that I need to grow. We just need to
remember this when something tricky comes our way, so we can look to
Him and "make the best of whatever life throws at ya"
The atonement of Jesus Christ enables and allows us to grow and become
more like Christ. We can change in the very moment we give our desires
to Christ. We can be our best self everyday as we follow His example.
We must accept where we are to allow it to be where we were.
That is the core of our purpose here on earth, and I love the other
immense blessing we get to experience along the way. Like sweet little
prayers from 10 year olds. And eating ice cream. And holding bunnies.
Getting to know and love knew people. Seeing the beauty all around us.
OUR FAMILIES. Life is pretty sweet, I promise.
My new comp Sister Campbell is great, we have tons of fun together!

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  1. "We must accept where we are to allow it to be where we were." Quite profound & true. I'm loving these bunny pictures! & ice cream is pretty sweet.