Monday, May 9, 2016

Week of Dec 14th

Soooo being a missionary is super cool! I've learned so much more than I could've possibly ever imagined in like 13 days. The Spirit here is incredible. Like I can't believe this is my life, I'm SO SO lucky :) we have had the opportunity to teach "investigators" this past week, one of them was real haha but its has been such a humbling experience. I never knew just how truly blessed I am to have the knowledge of the fullness of the Gospel until I served a mission, and I've only been out for two weeks! So my companion is great, her name is Sister Smith and she is from Idaho! We head out to South Carolina early in the morning tomorrow. And by early I mean 3:35 am.. IM SO SO EXCITED there's literally nothing better that I could be doing right now and I am so blessed to be a hand in His work. 
So I dont have much time but ill try to tell some cool stories haha pretty much all Ive been doing is classes, studying, eating, sitting and sleeping! Playing volleyball has definitely been a highlight (Navy I'm actually so good now hah :)  and I've really loved spending time a getting to know my district (group of other missionaries) Ive literally learned way too much to even remember haha but the biggest thing is that God answers prayers. Like directly. I've seen so many miracles and Im just so excited for these next 18 months! thank you all so much for your constant support, it means the world to me! OH my teachers have absolutely been the biggest blessing, they rock so much! there names are Sister Bishop and Brother Hanson!! its really hard to remember everything haha  



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