Monday, May 23, 2016

Week of May 23rd

This week kind of sucked. It was pretty trying but we are so grateful
that these moments are just temporary. And plus it helps us to really
count our blessings and focus on what is most important :)
I think it's the neatest thing that we get to constantly learn and
grow and strengthen certain aspects of our life. Like even something
as simple as prayer. We are to pray everyday, but yet each prayer
should be sincere and personable. We go through different experiences
in this life, and I know for me I sometimes just really think that my
faith is wavering and lacking. And then Heavenly Father always shows
us the way to be built up again. We must never forget that we are
children of the most high God, who truly loves us. How lucky are we
that we get to turn to Him always. I know prayer brings comfort, peace
and guidance in times of need.
When life gets overwhelming all we need to do is simplify and trust God.
Also I get to hold bunnies and see Kaniyah like everyday, which always
keeps me sane. Love y'all <3
Here's some pics from 5 ever ago at transfers

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  1. "5 ever ago"! I'm using that (& giving you the credit, of course).