Monday, May 9, 2016

Week of May 9th

I hope everyone had a great week :) my week was pretty neat, I got a
new companion, her name is Sister Campbell and she is from Utah. I was
stoked to be able to show her cute little Conway! Just another busy
busy week! My favorite part was when Kaniyah got up with the primary
to sing in the Mother's Day program yesterday. It was so sweet, my
heart swells so much, I was really proud of her and it was just the
greatest to see her continue to grow and progress!
And it's also always so neat how Heavenly Father is so mindful of us.
My week was pretty overwhelming, but the Lord never lets me forget. He
is always there for us and is so willing and eager to bless us, as we
are willing to see and accept his blessings. I know life is gets a
whole lot sweeter when we stop to count our blessings, thank Heavenly
Father and always follow and rely on Jesus Christ. It's pretty simple.
And I really just relearned how powerful prayer is. Like we can
actually communicate with God. It is such a blessing to our souls and
I know that every prayer is heard and answered. I just really want to
invite y'all to have a prayer of gratitude, I know it can help uplift
and enlighten us in any situation we may be going through.
I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR MY FAMILY, I was able to call home and it was so
sweet. Also I was able to FINALLY see Rylee and she is an absolute QT.

But here is Rylee in her SC


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