Monday, May 9, 2016

Week of Dec 8th

HELLO so I dont really have a bunch of time, we are ALWAYS super busy, and ill try to respond and remember all the things that have happened but it feels like ive been here for weeks. YES i get up at 6:30 (which is super easy cause doggie dude) and then we study for like an hour, eat breakfast, have 3 hours of class, eat lunch, another 3 hours of class, gym time for 45 mins, eat dinner, have TRC (we meet with our investigators) and then have another 2 hours of study time, shower and go to bed haha! its exhausting but so awesome. The Spirit here is like no other and im having the time of my life! well i mean it can be super hard sometimes, the hardest thing for me has been trying to focus when everyone else isnt, like im just really into the work and its such a blessing. also grammar wont be a thing because time haha umm ive definitely already grown a lot! so my companion is Sister Smith she from Idaho and shes really smart. We room with 2 other sisters Sister Maxfield and Sister Vorwaller! we are all going to South carolina next tuesday at 3:00 in the morning so ill call and if you dont answer ill leave a voicemail haha ummm i love my district and zone! OH YEAH so my companion and I are the Sister Training Leaders( we just look over our zone) and its really cool! ill tell you guys way more in my letter anddd also get a lot better at my writing haha maybe ill try to write stuff down and actually bring my journal when i get to email.. haha this might be the only time i can write for a while just because we leave on our P-Day which is a bummer, also ask Jake any questions about what im saying so he can explain :) 

PROMISE ILL GET BETTER AT WRITING ONCE I KNOW HOW TO MISSIONARY BETTER, and also send pics once i figure that out as well  



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