Monday, May 9, 2016

Week of Mar 28th

HAPPY EASTER, I hope everyone had a super beautiful Easter Sunday!
   This week has been super busy and of course super great. First off our investigator Neil was baptized and it was so neat. It has just been great seeing him come closer to Christ these past few months and finally act upon his love for and desire to follow Christ. For him to know the blessings of the restored gospel and true and real, i just love being a missionary.
   He was given the precious gift of the Holy Ghost on Easter, the day our Father in Heaven gave the greatest gift to the world, His Son. It really was such a beautiful day. I know that Christ is real and He lives. That he did indeed suffer for and take upon Him all of our sins, and every pain or affliction we have ever or will ever feel. That is real. I know that we can turn to Him in all things. And because He overcame death, we too will be resurrected. We have new life in Christ. That is something i never really understood before, but it is truly the most beautiful blessing ever. All things are possible with Christ. Because of Him, we can return to live with our father in heaven and be with our families forever, how stinkin lucky are we?
   Another highlight of the week and also my life is our sweet little Kaniyah. She LOVES the gospel of Jesus Christ so much. She knows the Book of Mormon is true and reads it all the time. She knows Joseph Smith was a prophet, loves Thomas S Monson is a prophet on the earth today and is super excited to watch general conference this weekend. I think we are in the same boat because it really is the coolest thing to hear God speak to us directly through the prophet, apostles and other leaders of the church. WE ARE STOKED. But she really is the sweetest thing ever and her prayers always make our day. She prayed that we would stay in Conway with her for 50,000 more months. On Wednesday we told her about the missionaries in Belgium and she said the sweetest prayer for them. That they would be safe and protected, as well as their families and that they would know how much God loves them. She also prayed for all of the missionaries around the world, that is any of them were home sick that they would know they that are needed where they are and have found new families and home here.
   I'm just super grateful for this life, for our families and the love that we are able to feel from our Father in Heaven and our Savior Jesus Christ. Please watch general conference this weekend, God is wanting to speak to all of us, it's super beautiful, all we have to do is listen so He can.
    Please keep the missionaries and those affected by the tragedy in Belgium in your prayers. 
Hope y'all have a wonderful and safe week. Love you all so much!

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