Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Week of April 10th

It's been a swell week, pretty crazy because my bff went home but it's fine. My last couple days with Sis V were great and I just adore her guts. The area just loves and misses her so much, but also I know they will love Sister Burt. She's really sweet, and we are just excited to keep working hard and sharing the gospel :) 
But her first day here we got back to Columbia and were on lockdown from 2-9 (so the rest of the night) because of a tornado. We were stuck at the church for the first 4 hours but then we went home! So that was weird.
But it was really cool because Thursday all of our appts fell through so we were out finding and we just had terrible luck. People were super rejecting us I was was kinda overwhelmed and over it. So we prayed and just asked Heavenly Father what we needed to do. The name Jason kept coming into my mind, so we went to see this guy we met a couple of months ago but hasn't been home since, and we've tried lots of times before. But we went, and he was home! And he's like super genuinely interested and wants to come to Book of Mormon class and church! Which is great because he will have these opportunities to feel the Spirit and receive answers from God so we are pumped. And it just helped me to remember this is Gods work :) 
Also the AP's asked me last minute Saturday morning to give the training at our meeting that day and I was so confused because I just gave one. But I know the Lord was trying to teach me, and the best way he does it is through making me do trainings ha. But I had NO IDEA what to give my training on and not much time to do it. I decided I wanted to train on charity and like gods love for us but wasn't sure how or where to even start. So I prayed. And I kept getting the impression to read where I was at in the Book of Mormon. Which was in MOSIAH 11. Which is basically about how the people were super wicked and a way from God and a prophet named Abinadi was telling how He was going to smite and deliver the people into bondage if they didn't repent. So I finished the chapter super confused because I was like wow this does not show Gods love or relate to my training at all. But I felt impression to read it again. And it hit me. 
God loved the people enough to call a prophet and to declare "except the repent" then all these bad things would happen. But he was giving the the opportunity to come unto him and to repent. HIS HANDS IS ALWAYS EXTENDED. and I was just overwhelmed by the Spirit, and he taught me that we have to LOOK for God's love. And the training just went super well because of nothing I did but because the Spirit is just so great.
I feel like we will forever be oh this spiritual roller coaster and with our relationship with God. But I'm thankful he is patient and wants to help us. And that He can communicate with us, we just need to listen and look for Him. And it's okay if we feel like we don't even know how to start to strengthen our relationship with him, because he just wants us exactly how we are. And to just try. To do the small and simple things to feel His Spirit, like praying and reading the scriptures. And church was also so great because it was exactly what I needed. And I'm just so grateful for my God. 
So I'm still loving it all and hope everyone has a super awesome Easter and goes to church :) k love you

My cutie pie Sis V

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