Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Week of May 8th

Tender mercy the humidity went away for a little and it was actually chilly one of the days, we had to go put a jacket on. Crazy. This week I got to go on exchanges with Sister Heaton and it was just so great, she goes home this next week and I just have no idea where the time even goes. 
We got to meet and teach this cute family. The dad, Sebastian, ordered a Book of Mormon and when we won entry back to teach him his daughter were there to join us for "Bible study". We were all sitting outside and as I was saying the opening prayer my feet started to burn, and one of the little girls said, "there aren't ants all over you". Haha yes I was cover in red ants, which super hurt BTW. But then they went inside to clean up so we could have the lesson in there. It was the best lesson ever, the daughters asked so many super good questions about our purpose in this life and the Spirit just was so present. It was one of those surreal moments where you are like talking and teaching but know the words aren't even coming from you and your are just learning from what you are saying. One of the daughters names was London and she was just sitting super close to me and reading the Book of Mormon and I just loved every moment of it, they were so eager to learn. Also super funny but Sebastian's phone doesn't work super well and every time we call him it take a while for him to start talking, but we didn't  know he could hear us and when we could finally hear him he was just laughing at us, it was great. 
OH and yesterday we taught primary, it was super stressful haha because we had like a class full of 7 year Olds and there were like 8 of them ha. At first I was kind of frustrated but then I realized it is all okay and it ended up being a really neat experience. And even though we had to miss my favorite class with Brother Adams we were able to help someone who really needed it, and plus our class thought they were the coolest for having the missionaries and I was like wow this isn't about me at all. And it was just a super humbling experience. I'm grateful for the moments when we get a glimpse of what God sees, and it's beautiful, and I just can't wait to be in His presence again. There was this really cool story that a member shared with us, it originally comes from Will Smith haha but basically it's an analogy of a group of people going sky diving. The day before everyone is super pumped about it, but then the night of you start freaking out and become super nervous. You realize you just put yourself in the biggest pickle because you are actually way terrified to go but also don't want to be a weenie and then not go. And you just spend the whole time before hating your life, and just freaked out. And then you get on the plane and they say you'll go on 3 but then pish you out at 1.. And then it's like the best thing of your life and when it's over you wish you could just relive that moment and stay there because it was so great. And he talked about how we shouldn't let fear, run our day. Or in reality we shouldn't let any thing ruin our day. That every day should be a great day because why Not? We just get in the way of our own happiness sometimes, and the circumstance and activities don't necessarily change, but we do and our perspective does. And I just think it's great that we can choose to be happy. And having God has helped me so much to gain that perspective. I haven't mastered the whole being happy in any circumstances thing yet, I definitely realize I was happy afterwards, but I'm grateful to be able to try it. And ultimately to trust in God because he knows where absolute happiness is found. 

Ft Jackson missionaries 

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