Monday, June 19, 2017

Week of July 18th

This past week was so good :)
We had a lot of really powerful lessons where the Spirit was so
strong. I just really love helping people strengthen their
relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. And just helping
them to be happy!
Sorry it's short this week, but we are going to see an airplane that
Micheal (kid in the Air Force, and also our bff) is working on! It's
really neat that we have so many military kids in our area.
Yeah basically I just really love my little branch and all the people
Heavenly Father has placed in my path, I'm so lucky :)
Like last week we had a ton of cut up tomatoes left over from our taco
salad linger longer, and I mentioned that I really wanted to make
salsa. Andddd I just got some fresh peaches, so Michael made peach
salsa with us and it was the sweetest.
Here's a pic

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