Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Week of January 23rd

I genuinely feel bad for everyone because it's been like in the 70's
and even 80's here this past week. What even is South Carolina? Well
it actually has been raining too. It's weird we had like 2 weeks of
winter and that was it
We were in the right place at the right time this week and it was
really cool, like I just don't get how God is so good to us. Lots of
tender mercies.
We were asked by the ward in Sumter to go visit one of their members
in the Columbia hospital who just had heart surgery. We walked in and
he was literally in awe that we came, he said he was the luckiest guy
and it was such a privilege for us to be there. He was so sweet and it
was neat to literally do as Christ did. And all we did was just chat
with him but it made his day, and he had us sign his little heart
pillow ha
We also have the cutest 94 yr old guy in our ward named Brother Grice.
He comes to appts with us and is the best missionary I've ever seen.
He's been to 196 lessons in the last year or so and has baptized
several people( with help) at 94. He so sweet to us and helps our
people a ton.
We are working with a couple of less active members and investigators
who just love us and want to be taught and it's the greatest, we
really fall in love with this place more and more each day.
Oh also we work at this soup kitchen downtown in the basement of this
church and give sandwiches and soup to the homeless. It's super busy
and most people aren't really there all the way so it can be pretty
crazy. But the sweetest thing happened. There was this man in like
construction work clothes who was just super thankful and nice to us,
and then he went to the back corner table and and said a prayer. And
as he did that it really felt like everything just stood still for a
second. And I'm just so grateful for the times God has "stopped" me in
a sense to be able to witness these good moments. They are simple, but
it's been such a blessing.
Oh and Lichong and Yang are still just so great. They LOVED learning
about the temple and family history work. Their prayers get better
every single time and it literally just swells my heart.
And I've learned a lot that we just aren't perfect and that's okay.
All we have to do is just look for the good. Not because everything is
good, but it's how we find joy. Happiness doesn't come from our
circumstances but rather our focus, and it's something we can actually
control. So we figure out what brings joy into our lives and ask for
help when we need it. And our joy increases and our lives are made
abundant when Christ is in the center, it just goes better when we
have His help.

Also I was rotten and took no pictures this week. So here's the zoo
again, with Alex, Nita and their baby Abish. We love them. Alex was
baptized last April and they plan to be sealed in the temple this

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