Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Week of March 20th

This week was great, nothing new. We always have great experiences at
Fort Jackson, this Pvt that both sister Vorkink and I were able to be
involved in teaching graduated, Pvt Blackwood. We got to go to
graduation and meet his parents who aren't members and bear our
testimony. I love being able to bear our testimonies. Like we aren't
perfect and don't know everything, but I know the simple truths of
Gods love, his church, and still forever figuring out how to be happy
by following Him.
And I just had some very renewing experiences with prayer. I've
noticed that with the amount of times we pray a day I go through waves
where I become disconnected. But it helps me to restrengthen my
testimony of it. Life is literally like a roller coaster, and that's
where happiness is found, in the ups and downs. We lose real happiness
we we think it's found in the ideal of nothing ever going wrong. So
basically we just need to be patient and persistent and keep loving
God :)
Oh I've been thinking about the plan of salvation a lot because Friday
we had a birthday party for Brother Grice who turned 95 and it was so
neat to hear about his life and the impact he's had on people. Then
the following day we had a funeral service for one of my favorite
members dad who passed away.And  I'm just so grateful for this life
and just God's plan for us.
We were also able to do service this week by putting dirt down in a
members yard and it was so fun haha she thought we were crazy for
loving it but we love to help.
Also Colie is getting baptized this week, he's great. We were a little
concerned about how to help him and what he needed so we fasted. And
oh my goodness were our prayers answered. It made the biggest
difference and the ward is starting to embrace him. Lots of people
reached out and it's all just falling into place.
K just keep trusting God, I love you all


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