Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Week of November 14th

Hi this week was somethin else, it gets like dark at 5:30 here and
makes our lives a little tricky. Most people think we are crazy
knocking when it's dark, but it also helps them to see the importance
of our message which is nice haha
But we've literally talked to so many people!
The coolest was when we met this lady named Rose, she's in her 70's
and is Hispanic. She is so sweet, she calls us her angels and also
bought us purses ( mostly because sis Brady's is super worn out haha,
she's had like 3 people buy her a purse)
But anyways she is super interested in family history and we told her
that the reason we do family history is so that everyone has the
opportunity to accept the gospel, be baptized and sealed to their
families. She also LOVES the Book of Mormon and asked if I was Native
American haha(I've had 3 people ask me that,and I still feel like I
don't know where I come from, I'm the worst Mormon ever) but yes we
love Rose.
Also we have been trying creative ways to find people to teach, so we
made cookies to deliver them and get to know our neighbors.. At first
I was pretty uncertain whether it would work or not, BUT we prayed and
asked in faith that this would give us the opportunity to teach
someone the gospel. And then we found Yen. She's a student from China
and also the cutest thing ever. She literally knows nothing about God
and Jesus Christ, so it was so cool to teach her. She loves the Holy
Ghost and said "wow this is the first day that I've learned of this"
and she feels so lucky :) it was pretty neat to be able to explain the
Holy Ghost and just super simple basic gospel principles to her. We
then taught her to pray and she says she is going to practice! But her
prayer was so sweet "dear Heavenly Father please bless me in the name
of Jesus Christ amen" WE LOVE HER. We totally felt like we were in a
foreign mission haha anddd she gave us this Chinese food like little
pouch, and I totally thought it was like candy but she kept saying it
was fish. But I thought she was just trying to say food haha but when
we got back to our place we opened it and it was legit spicy little
fish. Like cat food. I tried the tiniest bite, sis Brady ate the rest
of mine haha she loved it. K two second rant I love my little comp,
she goes home in two weeks and I'm so sad. She's such a dedicated
missionary and is just so funny, LOVE HER.
And then we got to go to Ft Jackson which is always a highlight, the
Spirit is so strong there, and the soldiers are just going through so
much and we get to be a light for them. I was teaching this soldier
who is getting baptized when she goes home because some of her family
is Mormon and they want to be there for it. And she just loves the
church. And it was so neat because after sacrament they always leave
opportunity for the soldiers to get blessings and it is just so
touching to see. This is why Christ did what He did. To help us. To
comfort us. And this is why He restored His church. So we can fully
receive His help.  And I will testify of the reality of this truth
forever. Because I just need everyone to know it.
The best part of this week, and every week, but especially this week
has been witnessing the Lord work through me to bless the lives of
others. So many times I have no idea what to say but the Spirit
literally comforts and teaches those we teach. And I love it. And I'm
so thankful for my Savior.

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