Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Week of March 27th

Monday we went to myrtle beach and it was so great, we got to see
sister Heaton and I stopped in on Kaniyah. It was so good to see them,
she was so surprised :)
We also did service this week and did mold remediation again, it was
crazy. We did it for like 6 hours and I've never sweated more in my
life haha buuut it was so sweet because the little old ladie's house
who we are trying to fix came and she was so so grateful for us. Also
Colie was baptized, it was kind of a crazy week and he got super sick
and just a lot of things happened that we thought might postpone his
baptism but it all worked out and went quite well. It was perfect for
Colie haha.
We also had a great day at fort Jackson, 4 soldiers were baptized and
it was just so special. I love being able to witness people become
convert d to the gospel.
Oh yah also we have like a prank war with our favorite family in the
ward, and we put streamers up in front of their door will balloons and
put some ding dongs out to ding dong ditch them, it was so great :)
love y'all

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