Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Week of June 5th

May I just say this week has been a pretty great one. 
 I learned about simply obeying God because we trust him, not necessarily because we understand everything. For example we went to our gospel doctrine class instead of principles, which is my favorite class BTW. It was pretty hard because I love brother Adams, but president Turner asked us as leadership to try it out. Well we went and later found out an investigator had come to church, and I just know there are no coincidences. Because we were trying to be obedient in anyway possible, the Lord blessed us. And I've  just learned lots about how eager he is to do so.
K so The best part of this entire week is that we found lots of new Investigators, and they all have really cool stories behind them. One I will Never, ever forget the experience that we had. it's a really long story, but we had a feeling to testify to this young women named Monica that God loves her, and no matter what is going through her life at this time, God loves her, and that he knows her and is so aware of her. we gave her a Book of Mormon to, she clung onto it she just in tears, and as we were walking I turned my head and I saw her with her hands over her heart and said "My two Angels." I just bawled. and I just felt the spirit so much, because I know that it was no accident that we ran into her. how we found her was quite the adventure, we were trying to find a Former Investigator and we had seen that it said apartment 6. as we got to this place we looked around and saw 15 buildings of this complex. In my mind I immediatley thought "Fourth Floor Last Door" By dieter F. Uchtdorf, and so we decided to knock on every single door that had apartment 6 and their neighbors.  we first wrote on some card because we ran out, and we started knocking It took us a full hour. it was hot, humid, and we were so tired and sweaty ha. And when we got to the last apartment we found Monica and she wasnt even who we were planning on looking for, but I am so glad we did. her story Just brings tears to my eyes. I am so thankful that God has a plan for each of his children. I am so thankful for each day to be a missionary and to see all the people that we meet! they are all Gods children and I am so blessed to meet alot of them each day! it just truly brings joy to my heart and I want to do this my entire life. like I say every week it has changed my life! I wouldnt trade it for anything.
Also president and sister Turner came to Fort Jackson. We had lots of soldiers to teach, and this one group had come several weeks but didn't feel like they got their answer but still wanted to learn. They'd been taught all the missionary discussions so we thought it'd be good if the just read out of the book of Mormon. We were all busy though so we had president and sister Turner teach it. He asked me exactly what we were doing, and I said, "President I'm not sure, we've never actually done this before but feel like it would be good." He said, "what, so you are just throwing us in here, just before we are about to go home? Sister Buckey I should get you back for this, I can and I will." He's literally the best. He's just so funny but also one of the greatest examples of a disciple of Christ. He's taught me so so much about the scriptures and repentance and just how to love God. 
I learned also the difference between suffering vs sacrifice. It may be the same circumstances, but our hearts are different. Sacrifice occurs when love and charity are involved. With out it, we are simply suffering. As we love and focus on him we can endure everything. When we choose to withhold our heart we are missing out. If you are living or doing anything below the gospel of Jesus Christ, you are living below your privileges. You are missing out on the greatest blessing, happiness, peace, hope, strength and love you could ever find.

I only ever have pics from Fort Jackson, but also I made Olaf out of play dough this week on exchanges 

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