Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Week of January 30th

K it's cold again, and it rained a lot and it's really pretty. I love
South Carolina. And it's cool to see these different areas, like
Columbia has just a different feel and Spirit.
But this week was gooood, we had lots of meetings and we went to
Charleston on Thursday! We had Elder Clayton come who is in the
presidency of the seventy and that was super cool. I got to see sister
Heaton and some others from the Charleston zone. Also Clayton had
asked if anyone has parents who weren't members, me and one other kid
raised our hands, she later asked about my conversion story at lunch
and that was really cool because she's a convert too. She said some
scriptures with us in D&C about when the Lord promises to take care of
and bless our families and lead them the truth and eternal happiness.
I loved it. I got to share my conversion story 4 times that day, which
was kind of what I needed. Just to like remember why I'm here and how
real conversion is. Like just 3 years ago I didn't believe in Jesus
Christ. I didn't know He was my Savior. But know I do. And it was cool
because there were so many reasons as to why I would never go to
church let alone be a Mormon. First of all Sunday's are football days
and I didn't know how people would go to church and even miss that.
Second I wasn't ever going to give a talk or participate in church,
that would just be hard and not something I wanted to do. Nothing
about the church was something I wanted. But my soul literally yearned
for answers, for knowledge of what this "greater power" was and why I
was even here. And how to be happy. And that's when I found Christ.
And it totally changed my life. I no longer felt overwhelmed with
guilt because I knew my Savior love me and that I could actually be
forgiven and change. And not forgiven in a sense where you just keep
living how you want, but actual peace because I started to do what God
wanted me to do and became so much happier. And this is a concept we
will continue to figure out, how to do God's will. It's hard sometimes
and requires effort to figure out and then to follow through with it.
But I have seen and felt blessings in my life as I have done this. And
it was only by acting that Lord was able to open my eyes and my heart
and change me. And that's basically all we are trying to help people
experience. The church and a prophet and the scriptures are just
resources to help us learn more about Him so we can have to faith to
So Art is still doing super great, we see him at Book of Mormon class,
it's weird to not be his missionaries but we still see his growth. He
participates in class and marks up his scriptures and the elders said
he said the prayer in the lesson which never happened so that was so
Lichong and yang always kill me, we got to go to the Holts last night
with them (such a tender mercy) and Lichong told this super cool story
about how she was born but actually wasn't supposed to be because she
has an older brother and basically she's just a miracle and I had this
really cool moment where I just felt Gods hand in it all. And just how
lucky and thankful I am that our paths crossed, I adore my cute
Chinese girls so much, it's probably been the coolest thing ever to
teach them.
We also have the cutest 88 yr old German lady named Anna Branham in
the ward and she has the CUTEST accent and just loves us. She's so
funny. But the coolest part is this guy named Joshua Potts who is like
in his 50's lives with her to take care of her and he's probably the
kindest human I've ever know. He was baptized this past July because
of sister Branham just being a great missionary at 88. Being in their
home to hear their stories and talk about the gospel is just the best,
we leave and our checks hurt so bad because we just smile the whole
time from literal joy. Basically nothing ever changes, I just love my

Here's Sis V and I in the rain, we got drenched but this guy let us in
to talk to him

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