Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Week of September 19th

We had such a good week, oh my goodness is faith real. 
Sister Heaton and I worked lots this week. We decided we are done with trial weeks(that works right? ha) but we've just been HOPING for the best and relying on FAITH. Which like I said is totally real.
AND when things wouldn't go how we thought or expected we relied on the Lord to see what He had planned. And we worked and wouldn't leave the area until we found out, and He blessed us so much to be where we needed to be. We also had the most golden investigator FIND US. We got a media referral for Jacob who just happened to be on mormon.org requesting missionaries to teach him. He scheduled time the next day in his busy Navy study day to see us and then also came to church. He grew up catholic and has never said his own prayer until he met us, and it was so neat and just reminded me a lot of my conversion. And now I just really feel such a strong desire to find those prepared to accept the gospel of Christ in their lives. Because the truth will always be that everyone needs the Gospel, but the Lord simply just needs us to find those who will receive Him. The Lord will continue to prepare others. 
  Our prospective elders are progressing as well, and we had some come to church, so we were super busy yesterday to say the least. I just love knowing that we are helping them to gain and strengthen their testimonies so they can faithfully live the gospel and be sealed to their families. How neat.
  I've just learned a lot about perspective and how much of faith requires hope and "fighting for a good cause". We can see this example in Alma how the Nephites are fighting for a righteous cause and relying on the Lord, and they are protected and blessed. It just requires faith. And I'm so thankful to learn these truths from the scriptures and to be able to apply them, and now to help Jacob be strengthened by and come to love the Book of Mormon just as much as I do. 
  Oh yeah and super cute story.. in our lesson that we were teaching Jacob how to pray, Micheal said that we are just talking with our Father in Heaven. And said "and I know that when ever Sister Buckey talks about her dad you can tell he is just her best friend" and just how much I love my dad and how that is how we should feel about Heavenly Father. And it was just so dear to me because my dad is the very reason I have come to comprehend the love my Father in Heaven has for me. My heart was all swollen, and it was the sweetest ever. I LOVE YOU PA
   And on Monday we got to have a cute little ballon releasing at FHE, since Roberta was like in charge of it and it was neat. 
  I just love my life, and am super grateful for everything. Especially my Savior. And I don't just say that because I'm a missionary, I absolutely mean it with everything in me. He is so real and just wants to help us, and oh my goodness is it just the best thing ever when we let Him. 

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