Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Week of December 5th

Hey so December has been great so far ha, I got my new comp on
Wednesday and its SISTER VORKINK. It's my BFF from when I went Irmo
for the hurricane and we roomed with them for like a week. We really
aren't sure why we are so lucky, seriously so happy.
I fall more and more in love with Hopkins each week, like when I got
here I was way sad and just didn't want to love as hard as I did in
CHARLESTON because that was hard. But it's cool how God just makes it
all work. Like why not love with all of me, it's actually what Christ
would do. The people here are so great and Fort Jackson forever has my
heart. Like it's okay for everyone to have my heart.
K so Fort Jackson. Sister Vorkink was super nervous because it's
honestly the most intimidating thing I've ever done.. But also she did
great. She taught like 10 soldiers at once and it was so boss. I was
able to teach Pvt. Marshall who has never been to church or read the
bible. He isn't sure if God is real or why people go to church. HOW
NEAT. I basically got to teach me 2 years ago. And the Spirit was so
strong and he said it all just makes sense (because it does) and now
he wants to be baptized this weekend. In just one week. That is the
power of the Holy Ghost. And I'm so thankful God loves us enough to
help us understand. He has a plan for us, and life is just way better
when we know it. Plus we baptized 5 soldiers yesterday and I got to
teach 2 of them :)
I'm thankful He keeps teaching us too. Like I learned lots about faith
this week. And it was neat because sister Vorkink and I were both kind
of struggling with it. Not the n living faith but more our faith used
as a power. The kind that draws upon the powers of heaven to bring to
pass righteous desires. Like I've honestly wondered if I could ever
have faith strong enough that would help my absolute favorite people
in the entire world ( my family) to come to know that the gospel is
true. To know this is Christ church and that's it's here to help us.
And because of it we can all be sealed forever. I know what it's like
to not know and even to be against the church. But truth is truth you
guys and I just want to help ya know. Anyways so we've been focusing
on faith because we both strongly feel that we will baptize a family
this month. Which takes a lot of faith, the work is way hard. But we
thought we were going to this less actives home only to find out that
we were in the wrong spot. So we decided to find our purpose there.
And we knocked all 12 doors of the apartment. When we got to the top
we were like okay we need to pray again because help. And when we were
done praying this kid walked out of one of the doors carrying out some
trash with a Capri sun in his mouth. His name is Shamar and he's 17
and also from Jamaica. We have taught him twice now and super loves
the Book of Mormon. K what is faith! Ha we are literally still smiling
from it because his family is so cute and we are excited :)
AND cutie Lichong and Yang are progressing so much, their prayers are
so good! They have finals this week and are super busy so they weren't
going to come to church, but then they came to just sacrament. Such a
sacrifice but so worth it, they're so faithful.
Well I love you all and know that God is super aware of ya. I can't
even count on all my hands and feet the amount of times God has shown
His hand to me, and specifically about His restored gospel. I wish I
could write about all of them. But I thought it'd be neat if you could
just go out and exercise your faith and tell me about your
experiences. Maybe even just prayer, something you learned while
reading. Because God is real and cares about you okay. Love you
xo sis buckey

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