Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Week of December 26th

talking with my family was so great :) our week was so busy and weird,
we are excited to be normal! Monday sister Vorkink and I went to get
Art a bunch of Christmas decorations because he didn't have any, we
snuck up to his door and on the way I fell into a hole and literally
fell flat on my face. We were laughing so hard and weren't sneaky at
all! But it was so sweet because when we went back later this week he
had all of his decorations up and it was the sweetest. We also saw
Lichong and yang and I love them! They always make us try their
Chinese little snacks and they were actually pretty good, especially
coconut bread like what yummmm. We love taking our members over and
having these experience with them, it's like a whole different world
just in their apartment haha. They are so funny, and they're prayers
just keep getting better, like Lichong prayed that God would bless her
friend. And it's so simple but these girls have taught me so much.
Like the fact that they have come to know who Jesus Christ is is quite
amazing. We really do sound strange I'm sure to claim that Christ is
our savior and has suffered for us to heal us, but as they've read and
prayed and come to church, they now know that it's true. They're
baptism is getting pushed back just because there is so much to
understand but they are excited!
K also my companion is the sweetest, she like decorated our apartment
and sneakily coordinated with some members to make me a cake and it
was so fun! We also got to do service that build homes for peoples who
houses that got ruined in the flood. So we put up dry-wall.. Yah what
even is that! It was so hard, but it was cool to be able to help this
family be another step closer to getting back to their home, however
small our impact seemed. And it taught me that sometimes we get
impatient or discouraged with our selves because we aren't the
"finished" product. It becomes exhausting to feel like we never
measure up. In those moments, we are lacking very important
understanding. The understanding of our Savior Jesus Christ and His
invitation to come unto Him. He never asks us to be perfect. Like I
think sometimes we forget that He can and wants to help us. And that
if we can't do it on our own we aren't good enough, or that He isn't
proud of us or that He doesn't love us. This is all false okay. We
don't ever have to be more of anything for Him to love us. We only
have to be willing. To have "a broken heart and a contrite spirit"
just a desire to be a little better and then follow what He asks. He
is the greatest gift to the world, and we could never repay Him for
what he has done for us. So cool that the only thing we can give Him
is ourselves, and I promise your life will be filled with greater
peace when you do.
Thank you thank you for all of y'alls love and support, it means the
absolute world to me 🌎❤️

Curly girlies

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