Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Week of October 24th

So yeah I'm in Hopkins! Which is right by Columbia and also in the
same neighborhood as the temple! It's pretty neat! I miss Charleston
with my whole heart and soul and would be lying if I said I wasn't
absolutely heartbroken. But all is well :)
Um so my new comp is Hermana Brady, yes she is a Spanish missionary
and is from St George. My ward is cute, ha the zone leaders called to
welcome me and what not and they said they heard there's a lot of old
people in my ward, WHICH I LOVE. It's just way different from YSA,
like idk how to even be a missionary. But all is well.
Basically it's super cool because I get to teach on fort Jackson every
Sunday. It's pretty crazy but there's like a bunch of these kids who
choose to come to the church on base and learn and we teach them
pretty quick but the Spirit is just so strong and we baptize lots
there. I was overwhelmed yesterday but it really I so cool to be apart
of! Not much time because I actually have to unpack now.. But I have
no pics from this week so here's some of Charleston
Wait also I've learned lots about trusting the Lord. Like this week
has been the hardest and He has been able to give me so much guidance.
Literally couldn't do it without Him, and also if it wasn't true.
Because it is, and He loves us.

xo sis buckey

Flash back with my homies when we flooded the church

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