Monday, June 19, 2017

Week of June 20th

I'm in Charleston and I'm so in love! Oh yeah also.. I'm in the YSA
branch, which means I cover ALL of the Charleston area. Basically it's
the neatest. My areas cover Moncks Corner, Summerville, West Ashley,
North Charleston, downtown Charleston, Goose Creek and Mt Pleasant. We
also have the Citadel, the Air Force base, the Navy base and it's so
awesome because we teach a lot of Navy kids. I met this kid named Sam
who was baptized back in November right before he came out for boot
camp and it's just been such a strong testimony to me of how much the
gospel is real and blesses lives, and he is stoked that I'm a convert
too! Also okay so his younger sister is getting baptized this weekend
back home, and my heart is just so swollen for him because it reminds
me so much of lace and I and wow I'm just so lucky. It really just
feels like home, and I'm so so happy to be here :)
Like Conway is great and totally still has my heart, but I'm just so
excited for my next little adventure! Also ok so my little YSA branch
back home hello I miss you and know I think about you!  Oh yah and my
new comp is named Sister Heaton and she is darling.
Oh my goodness you guys haha okay so speaking of Conway, last week we
got attacked by goats. I'm not even joking, we went to this little
family's house and they have their yard fenced in with a gate, and
these random goats were standing between us and the gate. Well we soon
found out they actually weren't home but we needed to leave a note.
The goats like charged us so we hopped back in the car. They were big
goats I promise.. But then they started like ramming into our car and
the bike rack, so we backed out and tried to go around back. When we
were walking on the other side I was joking with sister Campbell that
the goats were going to hop the fence to get us...and then we heard
the bushes moving AND THE GOATS HOPPED THE FENCE and started chasing
us. What. So we are in our skirts in the middle of no where and had to
hop the fence and sneak walk on the road to escape. I hope that made
sense haha but it was seriously the funniest thing. Attack goats in
the south are real you guys.

I hope everyone had a happy happy Father's Day! And that everyone is
just happy ok :)


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