Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Week of October 31st

Happy Halloween from Hopkins. Haha k, hi I love you all. Basically my
week has  been great, I've adjusted super well. I'm really busy now it
feels like haha we get to go on exchanges (switch companionships with
the other sisters in the zone once a week for 24 hrs) so that was
neat. FORT JACKSON IS FOREVER A HIGHLIGHT. These 2 soldiers I found
and taught last week are getting baptized this week! It was super
cool, Pvt Wright received his answer about the Book of Mormon and he's
just so happy. He said he got his answer like five times and every
time he asked he just knew it was true. He's just soaking everything
in! It was also the sweetest thing because he wanted a gospel
principles book to keep learning and it's tricky because of the
military and all BUT I asked one of the senior missionaries if I could
get one to give to him and she had to pull some strings but she said,
"just keep doing everything you can to help these soldiers experience
conversion and learn more about Christ" wow I love this work you guys.
ALSO TINA ok I met her my first day and she's been taught some stuff
but wasn't sure about being baptized, I have had some of the most
spiritual lessons with her these past two weeks and she is now super
excited for her baptism this Friday, it's been the neatest thing :) we
also had a Halloween party we went to as the Bible and Book of Mormon
"we compliment and complete each other and both testify of Chirst" k
Also I love Hermana Brady she's so cute, and we literally just laugh
all the time. She's such a dedicated missionary and I've loved this
last week working with her, the Lord has shown us so many miracles.
You guys His hands are everywhere in our lives. Just keeping praying
and loving God ok. I LOVE YOU
Ps haha ok so I was introduced as Sister Buckley last week in the
ward, and they asked me to bear my testimony so I said, "there
actually isn't even an L in my name" so they thought it was funny..
Idk why Buckey is so hard haha

xo sis bucket (forever and always)

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