Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Week of January 2nd

So we are officially leaving Hopkins and heading to Columbia! We will
have downtown Columbia which will be cool, and staying on fort Jackson
which is like the best.
I'll miss everyone so much! I love the Hopkins Ward. My fav members,
the Holts, got us these South Carolina necklaces that have a heart
right in Hopkins it's so cute!
This past week was super busy, we had 2 exchanges back to back and I
stayed in our area for both. We got to teach a lot of people and saw
miracles in our area, which brings me lots of peace. At first I was
sad because of all our people we wouldn't be teaching anymore and
everything we'd be leaving behind, but actually I'm so happy that the
Elders coming in will be able to feel the joy of teaching Art and
Linchong and Yang and that we are just needed somewhere else. Like our
perspective/ attitude really makes the biggest difference. It doesn't
change the situation but it changes us. And I've just had lots of
little tender mercies with the Holy Ghost teaching me about my Savior
and how I can rely on His strength to become more like Him. I love
helping people live the gospel. And the countless blessings we see as
His missionaries. It really is so true that the quality of joy we
experience out weighs the quantity of heartache and trials. Sister
Vorkink and I are looking forward to our new adventure in Columbia
Oh and idk if I mentioned this already but we get to go meet with an
Apostle, Elder Stevenson, this Saturday which will be super neat,
promise I'll have more things to talk about next week, love ya!

Oh yah last week we went caroling how cute

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