Monday, June 19, 2017

Week of July 25th

So I'l be staying in Charleston for another 6 weeks at least, phew :)
I love love it here, just saying. Our little branch has just been such
a strength for me, like they are our little family and home away from
home, so they keep me sane and I'm grateful for it.
A lot of our plans fell through this week and basically lots of things
went wrong.. BUT hey I love being a missionary so I'm just going to
talk about all the good things :) like getting a little tour of a C17
on the Air Force base with Micheal was pretty neat! And our sweet
friend Keisha has like a whole pack of husky puppies that always make
our day. Seriously they're so cute. They attack us and one time the
little guy grabbed my bun and tried to take off with me..its the best
Then we made chocolate chip cookies and delivered them to our people
so that was pretty cool.
AND the people we were able to see, made such a difference. Like I
think that'll always be my favorite part of being a missionary. And
it's so cool to feel the Lord help His children through you, but then
actually He is teaching us too. Like everything we taught and helped
people with this week, helped me too.
I'm just forever grateful for the reality of my Savior Jesus Christ
and all He encompasses. Like even when we mess up, He loves us and is
proud of us. We will always be enough because of Jesus Christ. What a
stinkin beautiful message. I love my Savior with my whole heart and

Our "little" plane tour
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