Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Week of May 29th

Can I just say how good God is? I had some way neat experiences this week. And I guess the biggest thing I feel like he was trying to show me this week was how to trust him. Like to really trust him. And we can only do this by truly recieving his guidance daily. Last Tuesday I went to Blythewood on exchanges. The sisters have been having a rough time and not really finding, and we just super wanted to help them. And it was crazy because we just prayed to find a new investigator who would truly progress and be baptized so they can find joy in the work again. And it was raining all day and we knocked on lots of doors and kinda discouraged.. But then we found this kid who was super interested because the sisters had left something with his dad and he's had questions ever since. We went to his place 20 mind later and got to teach him. I know I say this lots but it really was on of the best lessons I've been apart of. This kid just really wanted to do what was best for his family and it's the greatest thing ever being able to teach these simple truths and see people accept it because they are wanting to listen and finally let God help them. And just those 30 mind of testifying make up for the many other hours we spend getting rejected. It's pretty cool how it all works out and how God allows us to feel joy.
Some of my favorite people we've been teaching here in Columbia can no longer see us. Like tamera and John David, I was so heart broken. But also we won't give up on them, they will come around eventually and I'm grateful for the little window I had to be involved in their lives. 
Basically the highlight has been Gavin. Idk if I've talked about him already but we lost contact with him for a little bit and it was way sad because he's like the most golden person ever. But we saw him last Thursday and told us he knows it's true and wants to serve a mission, he'll be baptized my last week here so that's such a tender mercy. He came to church yesterday and LOVED it so much. Literally it was so great and he's my BFF. It was way cool to see the ward just love and embrace him so much already.
OH and we went to see Colin to talk about temples and family history and he gave us some strawberries. It was super simple but idk why I thought it was just the sweetest thing. I just love my people OK.
OH yah so funny thing I learned this week.. So long story short I ran over this object in the road that I thought was hat but turned out to be something metal that tore a hole in our transmission as we ran over it.. IT SUCKED. There was nothing I could do because the car in front of me swerved and then when I saw it there were two cars on both sides of me so couldn't get over. And the funny thing is, the GPS was freaking out  and kept trying to recalculate me before we got to that road and I was actually so annoyed. Because I knew exactly the way I wanted to get home, and so I just stopped listening to it. But if I would've this probably could've been avoided. Maybe I'm just crazy but I feel like this came at the perfect time. And taught me a lot that I need to pay attention to God more. Yes maybe our GPS was literally just broken, but I believe he was trying to help me. Either way I have a greater understanding and real life analogy that God sees things before we can and knows what's best for us. It's pretty hard to trust him sometimes, because we can't see him. And even when he speaks to  us it's pretty quiet. And if we aren't putting ourselves in the position to hear him, we won't, and we will miss out on blessings and cause damage. Receiving guidance from God is essential to everything we do. To be happy and to return to live with him. I'm grateful for the priesthood, scriptures, and the gift of the Holy Ghost that greater allow me to do just that. 
I'm thankful that he teaches us little by little so we can actually grow. I'm grateful for the moments I gain a greater eternal perspective and divine purpose. I'm grateful for his unconditional love and patience. When we were sitting on the side of the road waiting for the tow truck.. At first I was like okay what did I do wrong to make this happen, like it was punishment. And then I just felt Gods love for me. I feel like he was kind of laughing at me but like in an endearing way. Like my dad does looking back at a silly mistake I've made and when I overact he's just like "chill". Ps daddy like that one time Jasmine and I got the four wheeler and then your truck stuck in the creek.. I thought for the first time in my life I'd be grounded. But actually my dad is the best and helped me get unstuck, try to learn to not do dumb things, and then laughed about it. It was pretty great, and I'm grateful for the moments God reminds me of who he is. I just love him so much. 
Like even though this week was actually way hard, we just count our blessings, do our best, and apply the still small whisperings of the Spirit. I promise that he will guide and direct our paths, and is patiently waiting for us to trust him.


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