Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Week of June 19th

I literally have no words for how much my mission has meant to me. 
And the appreciation I have for all of y'alls love, support and prayers these last 18 months of heaven. It's absolutely been the hardest thing but also I've felt such  great joy. This week was super stressful to be honest hah, but the cherry on top of my mission was that Gavin got baptized :) we also last minute decided to do a musical number for it with literally one day to practice. Yah so cool story, we decided like on Tuesday we wanted to do the number, I mean I've already done 5 other ones so why not right? Well we had zone conference Wednesday so the plan was to practice after that. Sis Burt goes to play her guitar and one of the strings broke! Ah, luckily we had to go up to Irmo the next day to pick up our car and there was a guitar place for her to get strings, but then we only got to practice on Friday. But it was so worth and and the Spirit was way strong. Gavin is just so neat because he wants to go on a mission and just reminds me so much of me 3 years ago. It truly all feels like a dream but I'm just thankful for the path Heavenly Father has shown me and the support He's constantly extended that I may stay on it. 
K so we were out trying to find and I felt so bad because I really really had to pee. And I felt bad because we'd have to walk and take time out of our already super limited finding time, BUT as we were walking to this little CVS we saw this family out on their porch and their house was kinda just glowing. So we decided to stop by on the way back. That's when we met Andrea and she wants us to come back. It just opened my eyes to trusting God in a greater way. There are so many times I get frustrated when things don't go how I want, and especially if I feel like it's my fault, but it just all works out.
I've definitely felt the lord preparing me to come home which has been such a tender mercy. We just need to trust in what the Lord has planned for us. I LOVE SOUTH CAROLINA WITH MY WHOLE HEART AND SOUL. And I wouldn't trade a single one of my "ups and downs" here for the world.
I was able to meet my BFF SARAH VORKINKS family this week and I just absolutely adore them all. And then we had dinner with bishop and his family and I just feel like there's just been such a focus on families and I've just had such great examples. And I just won't even talk about how excited I am to see my family and how much I just love their guts :) 
I'm thankful for the different experiences and opportunities we are given to draw nearer to God. I'm thankful for His Son who enables us to be forgiven and know how to be better, for His life that stands as such a strong example of how to love and serve others. And for the Holy Ghost who has been my guide. Who has helped me to learn and the many many promptings that have lead me to the people I needed and the scriptures that have brought me peace and strength. I couldn't be more thankful to be a part of His church. And for the way He has helped my testimony to grow. I know the book of Mormon is the word of God and that Joseph Smith was a prophet. I'm gratifying for the guidance and love I feel when I listen to the words of the prophet. I just love everything okay. And I love you all so dearly and will be seeing you soon
OH ps my homecoming talk will be this upcoming Sunday, June 25th

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