Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Week of February 13th

Oh my goodness this week was busy. We had all of our zone meetings and
then lots of baptisms this weekend. Which I think all of my baptisms
have been the same week as the weeks we give trainings, so that's been
great. But it all worked out really well.
President Turner got to interview the girls on Wednesday and that was
super special. I LOVE PRESIDENT TURNER. He has taught me so so much
and I'm so blessed to have him as my mission president. We had our
last lesson with them Friday and it was really sweet, also I really
wanted to laugh during Lichong's prayer (don't worry I didn't) but she
said "we are excited to be Mormons now". They are the literal best
things ever. They have grown immensely, they try to sing the hymns in
church now and are just pros with the sacrament. We committed them a
couple weeks ago to invite some of their friends to their baptism.
They were so nervous and said that no one would probably come. And
they are just super straight forward so they were like okay we will
ask but they probably won't come because none of our friends believe
in Christ. K two of their friends came. They're just so great. We
totally cried a little at their baptism, they both said thank you to
Brother Holt after they were baptized and it was just so perfect. We
got to go to their confirmation on Sunday as well and the Spirit was
SO strong. And they just couldn't stop smiling, I just wish everyone
could know them ok.
We also had 3 baptisms at Fort Jackson yesterday. It was neat because
sister Vorkink and I both got to be involved in teaching them at some
point. But I was supposed to teach Pvt Hurd because he was going to
get baptized but then didn't want to anymore. He said he wanted to
wait and just was unsure. So I had no idea what to do, like we
definitely don't want them to feel rushed. But he wanted me to talk
with him and his battle buddy that he brought, so I just started
teaching the restoration and just really bearing my testimony,  but
then sacrament started early and I just felt like I didn't get to
finish. And I felt a little bummed because I didn't think I did my
part, and I just really wanted him to be baptized, I just didn't know
how to help. But then he snuck up to us in the back and said, actually
I want to be baptized today if I still can. It was literally so cool
and just such a strong testimony of trusting the Lord. The Spirit
testified to him and I was merely the vessel.
I'm grateful for these "celestial moments". The moments when we are
just really taught from on high and gain a greater understanding of
who we are and most importantly who our God is. I wish these moments
could last forever. But they don't. We just have to keep searching for
these moments and His hand in our lives daily, and that just gives us
enough to keep on. We never should doubt too quickly, because the Lord
is always so eager to help and bless us. We just need to TRUST in Him.

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