Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Week of August 22nd

Sister Heaton and I aren't sure what we did to deserve serving in the
best place in the world. Charleston YSA will forever have my heart,
and that keeps getting proven more and more each day. It's been pretty
toasty, but we are almost through August. We have 10 appts cancel on
us this week, but we found 4 new investigators. This week has totally
taught me to see the good in everything. Because things and life kinda
happen regardless, it's really us who makes the difference. We can
choose to be happy and see the good. So yah :)
don't worry I'll send lots of pics
Um we went to market street, saw the bay, had some gelato and yeah
it's just a super cute little city. We also got dinner and this cute
place called Paige's Okra Diner. I got chicken and waffles. And we
were with great friends. Tell me that's not heaven.
Then yesterday we were in charge of our little fireside, and we opened
it up with the super awkward missionary fears skit.. It was pretty
hilarious and our members loved it, we were all laughing so hard. But
yeah we just had a powwow about overcoming our fears with faith. And
then we had lots of super cute ocean themed snacks. I LOVE MY BRANCH
I wish I could just tell you my whole life.
Like this kid named Yocum ( last name, he's a navy kid) was baptized
exactly a year ago today, and him and Micheal are driving 2 hrs just
to go sit on the temple grounds and read scriptures( since it's closed
on Mondays) is that not the sweetest thing you've ever heard?
Wow I love these people, a whole lot
I never thought this would be my life, and I love that we wake up each
day and kind of have no idea what to expect, the journey that comes
from enduring is pretty neat, and I love the gospel of Jesus Christ
which makes my life so much sweeter.

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