Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Week of September 12th

I've learned that the scriptures in 2 Ne 2:22-25 about how we have an
opposition in all things, but yet it helps us to know joy is so true.
I love the scriptures.
There is just so much good in this life, and going through hardships
and trials and pain helps us to having a greater understanding and
appreciation for joy and our blessings.
I'm so thankful for trials and these moments that Heavenly Father
helps us to grow. He's so good to us. Even when it hurts. AND I just
thought you guys should know that there is good and hope in all
This week was pretty weird. Lots of trials. The funeral was hard. And
I'm totally missing y'all. And football.
A) because of Jesus Christ.
But b) because we just need to count our blessings.
SO on Monday we had a cute little cook out with our branch for Labor
Day and I just love a good hamburger. And our branch. And cookies.
Holy cow you guys I've never had more cookies in my life.
Tuesday we got to sing for our old folks and this sweet lady told us"
you just keep coming back now okay? When we have bad days you just
always seem to lift us up from where we are. We love y'all, so you
just keep coming back"
We then got lost trying to find this little home that didn't exist but
didn't even freak out because we got to ask some nice kids about
directions and talk about the gospel.
Wednesday one of our sweet navy kids made us cookies. It's super funny
though because he got off work at like 9 am and then made them right
when he got home so they'd come out when we got there for our appt.
yeah they have crazy schedules and it was so sweet that he did that
for us.
Thursday we went and did service all day at a food bank and it really
made me appreciate all I have. Service somehow always grows your heart
and just heals your soul, no wonder Jesus Christ is so great. And ps I
wore my bronco Super Bowl shirt and when we got lunch this guy had a
panthers shirt on and made a comment on how they were like going to
win or something ( he worded it way not nice lol) oh and I also was so
confused because I didn't even know about the game, but then got texts
later that night informing me that we won so that was neat :)
Friday was the funeral, which was super beautiful. It's so sweet how
so much sorrow can bring us joy. Like hearing the sweet stories of
Roberta's family and friends made me so happy. And how neat they'll
see her again. I just love the gospel and gods perfect plan for us.
Also my sweet comp got to play the violin for a musical number and I
know Roberta just adored it.
Saturday we had an open house at the church. (Which had a cookie bar,
I only tried like 5) and then we later made cookies with our little
investigator. That was fun and we talked about the Book of Mormon. I
love teaching YSA because they're our friends and we can just be so
real with them. But yeah THEN on Sunday we had cookies at church.
You guys I've eaten so many cookies. I don't even know why this
happened to me haha
So yes those are all of the things I'm thankful for and some :)
I'm eternally grateful for the scriptures, and my Father in Heaven and
Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. Im absolutely grateful for His church
which I know has been restored and I'm grateful I don't have to live
with out. ( ps none of us do)
1 Nephi 11:17
"And I said unto him: I know that he loveth his children;
nevertheless, I do not know the meaning of all things."
xo Sister Buckey

Here's some windy pics from the beach, it's great

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