Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Week of September 5th

I'll be staying here in lovely Charleston for another 6 weeks, what a
lucky duck :)
We have several people we are working with so I'm excited to continue
to see them progress, hopefully :)
I love to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ.
There are a lot of things in this life that I do not understand or may
not be able to comprehend, but I love the things that I do know.
Especially the plan of salvation.
We unfortunately had one of our sweet branch members pass away in a
car accident on Friday because of the storm. It was really sad and
still doesn't feel real. But literally only the knowledge of Gods plan
for us can give us peace. We had a neat opportunity to teach it (last
minute) to our branch for a little combined hour the last part of
church on Sunday, because of the loss. I'm so thankful the Lord has
called me to serve him in this capacity, to help others. That's all I
want to do is help people.
The beach was super pretty and fun last week, I'll send pics later
because we are currently emailing at Mickey D's since everything else
is closed for Labor Day.. But I'll be sending pics soon :)
Oh yeah and we got to teach this really sweet girl in one of our
members homes who literally lives right off of King St. We then walked
like 6 blocks to go and get some really bomb ice cream. Teaching
people and ice cream is mostly what we do.
Love y'all
xo Sister Buckey

Here's just about the happiest picture of my life and I just had to share
my qt pie nieces

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