Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Week of October 10th

Hi I'm safe and alive as well as our people :)
But oh my goodness was this week crazy, literally I don't even know
where to start.
Ok well basically Monday was dandy and normal, we had a solid lesson
with Jacob about temples and family history work. Then Tuesday we sang
to the old folks and there's this elder who is a little special/ and
angel and he made this cute "program" for our singing sesh. He put "a
solo performance  from none other than our Sister Buckey" haha I
thought he was joking but he absolutely was not, so I made my
companion sing with me, y'all would be proud :) We are also doing a
musical number for Jacobs baptism (which will hopefully be this
weekend) yah I don't even know who I am anymore
But then.. Tuesday we went out and people kept talking about a storm
and that they couldn't hear our message because of the evacuation ( we
were absolutely oblivious) and Micheal our EQ pres called and told us
to get water and snacks just in case it got bad, we just brushed it
off though.. Only to receive a phone call 20 mins later that we needed
to leave asap to get to Columbia. Yeah I was up in Irmo for a whole
It was crazy. We stayed with 2 other sets of sisters. We got to do
lots of service and teach some of their people. We also cleaned the
temple, which never happens, like ever. President only lets us go to
the temple with someone we've taught or at the end of our missions. It
was such a neat experience. We also went on lockdown Saturday and got
to play games with the elders most of the day. Which never happens
either. Like we aren't aloud to hangout with the elders, but he
totally let us. Yah sister Heaton and I thought for sure it was the
second coming.
Yesterday was super neat as well because we got to go to church with
the YSA Ward up here and the AP's. So many tender mercies. And it's
crazy because at the beginning of it all I was so rotten, all of us
were. Especially because Jacobs baptism was postponed but also because
we were in a totally new place with no control over our lives ha. And
I was so upset, and kind of fought the fact that I couldn't control
anything, and I let Heavenly Father know it. But then He let me know
how He felt, and my heart was filled with gratitude and my experience
completely changed.
It's pretty neat how Heavenly Father allows us to grow and change.
When we become uncomfortable, it's because he needs us to learn and
apply the teachings of Jesus Christ to become more like Him. And I
don't want to be like Christ to be perfect, I know that isn't
something I will have in this life, but it's as we follow Him we
receive peace, happiness, joy, strength and all things good. Blessings
beyond what we can know and anything greater than we could ever do or
be on our own. I've learned that without Christ you can be happy,
kinda like eating one chocolate chip. It's still sweet and taste good.
OR you could add your chocolate chip to a batch of Mama Buckey's
pumpkin bread and just make it that much better. That's what the
gospel is to me. I was happy before, but no where near as happy as I
am now. Because of my Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, and the
wonderful church of which He has restored to the earth. Not to mention
the scriptures, I love the bible and Book of Mormon so much because
God totally speaks to me through them. And plus He's called a prophet
to be His mouth piece so we can follow Him in a world that needs Him
now more than ever right.
There was a sweet testimony born yesterday by this kid who was
baptized in like January. And by kid I mean he's YSA and in his 20's.
But he said, "I love God, he's like the best person I have ever
And I absolutely agree.


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