Monday, June 19, 2017

Week of July 11th

Possibly one of my most favorite things about being a missionary is
feeling Christ's love for everyone. At 20 years old I mostly have no
idea what I'm doing haha and especially am not capable of helping
people to the capacity that they need, but the Lord is. And I just
love working with Him :)
And seeing people recognize and understand Christ love, their purpose,
and then choosing to act upon that brings me so much joy! I love
seeing people happy and progressing. Like Sam.. He just got the
Melchizedek priesthood last week and he was so happy and he went to
the temple to do his uncles work and I just love the gospel.
Also, just thought y'all should know we go and sing to old folks for
an hour every week and they tell me I'm good haha
It's always a highlight, like this guy will sing the words right after
we say them so he sounds like he's singing along, the love us and tell
us how much we make their week, but really they make ours <3
And let me just tell ya, the southern hospitality is real. Like its
hot here, and humid. And we had an appt with this kid, but we have to
sit outside because we can't be alone with a guy, so he brought his
fan out. Expect it broke.. So he just help it up for us the entire
lesson, which was an hour long. I'm not sure it made much of a
difference but it was the sweetest thing of my life. Also the peaches
here are swell.

Here's a cutie baby frog

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