Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Week of October 3rd

K I don't have email titles but if I did it would be "#ihateants"
Ps I also accidentally put Conway instead of Charleston last week,
don't worry I'm still in the Holy city

But this week was swell. Except for the ants haha they literally tried
to ruin our day.. like every single day.. but sister Heaton and I were
having none of that, everyday was swell.
But yeah we apparently have ants even though we are on the 3rd floor
and super clean. And we wake up and they're everywhere..
And it's pretty funny because they're just ants, and they're tiny but
when there a lot of them it gets really gross. And sister Heaton
totally makes fun of me for relating everything to the gospel ( it's
part of the job) buuuut these little ants have taught me lots about
A) that I'm so so blessed to be where I am and to just make the best
out of every situation and
B) that our mistakes and shortcomings, like an ant can seem small. Not
a big deal. But if we don't apply the teachings of Jesus Christ to
learn from our mistakes and grow in our short comings, the more we are
likely to remake those mistakes and thus it becomes sin, or just a ton
of ants on your kitchen counter. Both not super appealing. Luckily
we've been given things like Raid bug kill or the atonement of Jesus
Christ to fix our problems. Also our sweet little senior couple bought
us this fancy ant killer that you like put in their homes or wherever
they come from, straight to the source. SO we need to go straight to
the source, the perfect source of peace and happiness who is Jesus
Christ. He is our literal Savior and Redeemer. If you have problems in
your life, take them to Him and He will help you. You will most likely
have to do stuff on your part, it's how we grow.. And then as we do
all we can, His grace is sufficient for our burdens to be lifted and
peace brought into our lives.
That's why we need faith in Him. Faith leads us to trust Christ, which
comes through knowledge of WHO he is. That's why we go to church, read
our scriptures and pray.. So who Jesus Christ is can be a reality in
our lives. That's why He has restored His church and the priesthood.
It's why He's called a prophet, because loves us and wants us to know
LEADS US CLOSER TO HIM. He helps us to become better and happier. Not
just good and happy, but the BEST AND HAPPIEST VERSIONS OF OURSELVES.
That is enabling power of His atonement.
I just love the reality of my Savior and helping others come to know
Him as well, like oh my goodness I'm just going to do this the rest of
my life.

K other than the ants.. Highlights were basically Jacob and conference.
We teach him about every other day at the Nex (place we are aloud on
base) and then he got to come to conference as well! He's getting
baptized Saturday and we are all so excited :)
Yeah also he had to study a lot so we knew we wouldn't be watching
conference with him until later.. BUT he said he took a break from
studies and tried to search conference on YouTube but then went to
Lds.org and just started watching it. WHO IS HE? Haha k he's great, he
said he really liked the German guy (President Uchtdorf) and we agree.
Then on Sunday we went to the Jurtich's and had super bomb French
toast with biscoff cookie butter(basically we had dessert) and then
watched conference. It was super cute because they gave us all
sharpies to write our fav part of talks or things that stood out to us
from the talks, on their carpet..( they are remodeling) SO FUN
K wow well I just really love you all have a super wonderful week :)

xo sister buckey

All snuggled for conference
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