Monday, June 19, 2017

Week of August 15th

Charleston always treats us so well :) this week was crazy good.
Like I wish y'all could just be here with me, and it's probably a good
thing I have limited email time or I'm sure y'all would get an ear
full of all my super awesome stories.. Ha
     For starters.. We went to the old folks home last week but
couldn't sing because they were evacuated for bed the folks
we're pretty peeved. But not Shirley. She's this sweet old lady that
always gives us hugs.. But I got an extra one this week because she
forgot she already hugged me lol but she grabbed my face and said, "I
didn't see your sweet face last week and I missed you" yah day made
      Then cutie pie Sister Heaton hit her 9 month mark on Thursday,
which ended up being the best day ever. We went and helped this girl
move in Mt Pleasant for a good chunk of the day, idk service and sweat
just makes you feel good. And then Micheal took us to get froyo.. We
are basically spoiled rotten
      Then on Saturday we had a lesson and chipotle with 3 of our Navy
kids who were baptized all within this past year. I just really love
being with people who love the gospel, and to see how much it blesses
their lives. It helps me so much. Like I just really love the gospel
of Jesus Christ. And that His atonement is real for us too. I'm
grateful the Lord shows us our weaknesses and helps us overcome them.
And then when we mess up and fall short, He is still right there to
help us. What a beautiful message we have to share. And I'm grateful
for all the people the Lord has placed in my path to never let me
forget this truth. It's just the simple things ya know.
We were able to teach these little kids (just a little about Jesus
Christ and then we gave them to the family Ward elders) but it was so
neat and they reminded me so much of my sweet Kaniyah. It's was pretty
funny though because we randomly knocked on this door and this guy
answered and said he wasn't interested in our message, but then little
Joshua (he's 11) throws his blanket off of him and says "actually I
would very much like to listen" so his uncle told him he could go
outside with us, so josh said " okay well wear are my shoes" and then
went looking for them for a good while, just to step out on the porch
with us. It was pretty hot so his uncle brought us water.. And it was
so cool to just talk about Jesus Christ and his love for us. We told
him that the Book of Mormon is a record of the people in the ancient
America and he said "well that just really important to know". You're
telling me lol
     But yeah then he asked if he could grab his little sister so we
could tell her, and I have never seen a happier little face than when
I told her that God loved her and her family and that they could live
together forever. It was like her soul had been waiting her whole life
to hear that, and I can promise you she that has. And that there are
so many people who still are. It took 18 years for God's precious
message of Jesus Christ and his restored gospel to reach me, and it's
like the most important thing that's happened to me. Because it is our
purpose in this life, our time to prepare to meet God. And it only
make sense that he's restored his church to help us do just that.
    So yeah I love being a missionary. South Carolina and God are just
so good to me.

Oh yeah here's some pics from the last few weeks

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