Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Week of January 9th

Hello from actual Columbia now. We moved in this week and it's been
crazy because we know like absolutely no one haha. This week has been
so hard to be honest, I miss Hopkins lots and I feel like it doesn't
help that they are so close! But also it's great because I trust God
and am pumped to meet new people. Plus I'm still on fort Jackson which
is the highlight of every week. We went back yesterday and Pvt wright
(the first soldier I taught who was baptized) leaves this week. Crazy.
Also those cute little blonde sisters we had in our district left as
well and we miss them so much! Seriously loved them, it's kind of a
bummer how much things change but it's fine. I guess the gospel is
really the only constant thing we have in this life, like no matter
the different little things we go through.. Christ is still the
answer. And learning about Him is like my favorite thing. I don't
really know why, but it just bring peace into my life. I just know
that He is real.
Like this Saturday was the coolest ever, we got together with the
whole mission and Elder Stevenson came. And we knew it was going to be
really neat and all, but it totally exceeded our expectations. I just
have this overwhelming love for him, and I learned so so much from
him. And when he walked in, the Spirit was so strong. Like there
really is no other way to explain it other than the fact that this is
Christ's church, and that we still have living apostles and a prophet
on the earth today. It was so sweet. And I'm just super grateful for
this knowledge and ALL of the experiences(good and bad) that I go
through that just strengthen my testimony of my Savior in His
Promise I'll have more things next week! We are going to the zoo today
with Alex and Nita from Hopkins, Alex was baptized back in April and
they're super great!

K also sister Jensen left, she literally reminds my so much of Tyler,
such a tender mercy.. Ha I'm like a whole head taller than her

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