Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Week of February 27th

Yes hello from Charleston, we decided that we just needed to come
here. Well also sister Vorkink goes home in a month but we aren't
talking about it.
WE LOVE CHARLESTON. Like how can you not? We went and got our favs,
chicken and waffles and shrimp n grits from this cute place called
early bird diner. Then we went to Sullivan's island. I love the beach,
like mountains are my fav but also Colorado needs the ocean too.
     Our investigator Colie is great. We've been teaching him for a
while, he's getting baptized in 2 weeks. He's so funny, like he's
different but we've really grown to love him, and we've seen him
change lots too. Like he usually wears like a purple or pink golf
shirts to church but then yesterday he rolls into sacrament with a
white shirt and tie. He tells us every time how excited he is to be a
Mormon. He also volunteered to say the prayer in our Sunday school
class, who is he ha.
       Also update on Lichong and Yang, they're still my fav. We get
to teach them still because sometimes the AP's can't and also because
president is the best. But in hangs last prayer she said "finally, I
would like to wish my friend and happy birthday and tell her good luck
on her test"
SO CUTE. Giving her BFF and shout out in her prayer haha
Sister Vorkink is one of the best things to happen to me, l just adore
this time together, we have learned so much about loving the people
and it's made everything so sweet, I definitely needed her.
      I've been thinking a lot about the concept of "perfection". Like
I often feel overwhelmed because the scriptures tell us "Be ye
therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect."
So sometimes when I mess up or fall short I feel like I'm not good
enough or like God isn't proud of me. And I've learned that's actually
wrong. And just how much more this teaches us to rely on Christ. I
feel like I need to be better on my own, and it is not that way at
all. I just love learning more about who Christ is and why I need him
in my life.
      Oh and sister Heaton was called as an STL in Florence so she is
coming to spend the night tonight for our MLC meeting tomorrow, best
day ever. God is just so good to us :)

It's so windy

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